Balyan Sir Ethics Notes

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Balyan Sir Ethics Notes

Balyan Sir Ethics Notes

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Ethics is three things.

  • In ordinary language usage, ethics is a description of the principles used by an individual or a community (no matter how large or little or how defined) to arrive at right conduct or moral behavior. Because these principles often aren’t codified or differ from the code when they are, they must be deduced and inferred–often the work of anthropologists or sociologists or biographers.
  • In philosophy, ethics is an entire branch of study, the study of right conduct and moral behavior so extensive that the Encyclopedia of Philosophy takes 69 large pages of fine print just to provide a skimming overview of the topic. And that’s before you get into the scores of subtopics such as deontological ethics, value theory, morality and so on, or into the scores of philosophers who have offered their own ethical theories.
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  • There is no Archimedean point from which one can gain unbiased perspective and commence an objective discourse into ethics, much as John Rawls may have tried with the related concept of justice. And you cannot begin with a set of postulates and have the body of content spool out logically as is possible in geometry and arithmetic. No, with ethics you are completely adrift in the sea of opinion, and that opinion is all over the map to the point that there is not a barbarity you can imagine that has not found justification in someone’s scheme of ethics, especially now that we are dealing with postmodern philosophers. Stalin and Hitler had their favored philosophers of ethics.

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