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M Laxmikanth is ‘the bible’ for polity section. Read it by line to line. It takes times to cover first reading of entire book. In second reading try to consolidate it. Best part is mock questions at the end of book to assess your learning.

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Indian Polity by M Laxmikant is the important book for polity section of upsc. Here are some guidelines to start with.

  1. First read Ncert books of polity. It will give you start.
  2. In first reading of book you will be introduced to book and in second reading you will be able to read it very easily and in very short period of time.
  3. There is appendix 1 at the end of chapters which is for all the articles of Constitution. First read them and then try to relate when reading the chapters which will ultimately help you to remember them.
  4. Now start with part 1 which includes structure, features, background of Constitution, important is Fundamental Rights, Directive Principles.
  5. Then cover topics which are similar like President and governor, Prime Minister and Chief Mininster, Parliament and state legislature, supreme court and high court which will save your time and easy to memories and link them. This is most important to save time.
  6. Now There are separate parts like Constitutional Bodies, Statutory Bodies small topics can be covered in one day every part. And help to memories and link. Most the fact, term of office, who appoints and all that, so you can keep close view.
  7. It is itself notes and no need to make notes.
  8. Read notes which are given after the chapter.
  9. Try to cover it in successive days which wil help to complete soon.
  10. It only looks big but when you start reading it, you will understand every aspect of indian politics and ultimately which will create intrest to read it and memories it.
  11. There are MCQ at the end of book, solve them after first reading , it will give you idea how to read and what to focus for second reading.

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