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H.C.F & L.C.M

1.The HCF of 168, 1 69 and 231 reduced by 8 gives [ SSC 1992] a)13 b)14 c)17 d)21 2.Two whole numbers are in the ratio of 15: 11. is there HCF is 7. the number are [SSC-1996] a)90,66 b)105,77 c)15,11 d)195,143 3.The LCM of two numbers is 63 and their HCF age 9. if… Read More »

Number System

1.What is the place value of 6 in 65489203?  [SSC 2010] a.6×100000 b.6×10000 c.6×10000000 d.6×10000000 2.Find the face value of 6 in 652410?[SSC 2008] a.6×100000 b.6×10000 c.6000 d.6 3.Find the sum of the face value of 9 and 6 in 907364?[Hotel mgmt.2007] a.15 b.20 c.9 d.18 4.Find the difference of place and face value of… Read More »