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Important Personalities

*Major General Jose Eladio Alcain of Uruguayan Army has been appointed new Head of Mission and Chief Military Observer for UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP). *P.K. Shrivastava has taken over charge as the new Director General of Ordnance Factories (DGOF) and chairman of the Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) with effect from… Read More »

International Awards

Nobel Prize The Nobel Prizes are given under the will of Alfred bernhard Nobel who died in 1896. he discovered nitroglycerin and it’s used in the manufacture of Dynamite. The Nobel Prize are given each year in 6 fields. the Nobel prize for Peace,physics,chemistry,medicine and literature were started in 1901. the Nobel Prize for economics… Read More »


Olympic The Olympic games are organised after every 4 year and the head office of International Olympic Committee IOC is at lausanne Switzerland The Olympic games were held for the first time by the greeks in 776 BC The game were revived in 1894 by the efforts of a French Baron Pierre De Coubertin and… Read More »