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Important Sports Terminology

Important Sports Terminology Cricket Googly , Gulley , Silly Point , Duck ,  Drive , Cover point , Leg Spinner ,   Ashes , Hattrick ,Leg Bye , Follow on ,Pitch , Crease , Bowling , Leg-Break , Hit-Wicket , Bouncer , Stone-Walling,Maiden over , tumped , Football Foul , Touch , Down , Drop Kick ,Dribble , Off-Side , Penalty , Throw-in , Hat-Tick ,  Stopper. Hockey Scoop , Centre forward , Carry,Bully… Read More »

List of the important Cups and Trophies associated with Sports

List of the important Cups and Trophies associated with Sports Introduction List of the important Cups and Trophies associated with Sports,This is a list of Important cups and Trophies along with the Participating countries in the various tournaments. This is a comprehensive list which includes both National and International level games.Keep reading to score more… Read More »

Important National Parks in India

Important National Parks in India Karnataka-Anshi National Park,Bandipur National Park,Banner ghatta National Park,Kudremukh National Park Meghalaya-Balphakram National Park MadhyaPradesh-Bandhavgarh National Park,Mandla Plant Fossils National ParkM,Madhav National Park,Kanha National Park Jharkhand-Betla National Park,Hazaribagh National Park Odisha-Bhitarkanika National Park Gujarat-Blackbuck National Park (Velavadar),Gir Forest National Park,Marine National Park, Gulf of Kutch West Bengal-Buxa Tiger Reserve,Gorumara National Park,Jaldapara… Read More »

Important Defence Exercises between India & World

Important Defence Exercises between India & World Army Join Exercise India and Bangladesh-SAMPRITI India and China-HAND IN HAND India and Nepal-SURYA KIRAN India and Sri Lanka-MITRA SHAKTI India and Maldives-EKUVERIN India and Indonesia-GARUDA SHAKTI India and Singapore- BOLD KURUKHESTRA India and Thailand-COBRA GOLD (Observer Plus) India and Vietnam-VINBAX 1 Indian and Kazakhstan-PRABALDOSTYK India and Kyrgyzstan-KHANJAR India… Read More »


Largest,Smallest,Longest,Highest,Biggest Smallest Continent :Australia largest continent- Asia largest country in area- Russia smallest country in area- Vatican City largest country in population- China smallest country in population- Vatican City longest mountain range -Andes CS America highest mountains range- Himalaya highest mountain peak in the world- Mount Everest(8848 m), Nepal largest desert- Sahara longest river-Nile(6690 km)… Read More »

First in world

First in world First in the World: A Complete List First in world here i am giving a complete list of ‘First in the World’ which is composed of all those human explorations and adventures, expeditions which were made first time in the history of mankind. First secretary general of United Nations-Trygve Lie(Norway) first woman… Read More »

Classical & Folk Dance

Classical & Folk Dance Bharatanatyam( Tamil Nadu): Balasaraswati, CV Chandrasekhar, Leela Samson, Mrinalini Sarabhai, Padma Subrahmanyam, Rukmani Devi, Sanjukta Panigrahi, Sonal Mansingh, Yamini Krishnamurthy Mohiniyattam( Kerala): Pratima Devi, Sanyuktha Panigrahi, Sonal Mansingh, Pankaj Charan Das, kelucharan Mohapatra, Madhavi Mudgal Kathak( Lucknow & Jaipur): Bharti Gupta, Birju Maharaj, damayanti Joshi, Durga Das, Gopi Krishna, kumudini lakhia,… Read More »

Who’s Who

Who’s Who in india Highest Position Holders in Indian and International.There are at least two or three questions will come in all types of competitive exams,it is very important to keep oneself updated . Get latest current affairs Click here Practice daily quiz Click here

International Awards

International Awards   Nobel Prize The Nobel Prizes are given under the will of Alfred bernhard Nobel who died in 1896. he discovered nitroglycerin and it’s used in the manufacture of Dynamite. The Nobel Prize are given each year in 6 fields. the Nobel prize for Peace,physics,chemistry,medicine and literature were started in 1901. the Nobel… Read More »

Important SSC Bank Railway Abbreviations

Important SSC Bank Railway Abbreviations A ABM- anti ballistic missile AD-Anno Domini( after the birth of Jesus) ADF- Asian Development Bank AERE- atomic energy research establishment AFSPA- Armed force special power act AGOC- Asian Games organising committee AIDS- acquired immunodeficiency syndrome ALH- advanced light helicopter APPLE- ariane passenger payload experiment ASAT- anti-satellite weapon ASEAN- association… Read More »