WBCS Coaching Center in Kolkata

Best WBCS Coaching Center in Kolkata

Everybody needs some assistance or a tutor with regards to common administration examinations like WBCS, IAS, IPS, etc.WBCS examination isn’t just a standout amongst the most renowned in the state, yet it is additionally one of the hardest exam you’ll ever take in your life. In request to crack such examinations, you ought to choose the best coaching which gives such instructing at a reasonable cost. Top WBCS Coaching Institutes in Kolkata list that we have made comes in the wake of the way that today, an ever increasing number of adolescents from various streams like science, history, arts, and engineering, aspire to join the civil services to become a WBCS officer.

There are three parameters you should consider before you join coaching for any competitive exam.

  1. Faculty.
  2. Notes.
  3. How far they can help you prepare better.

I’ll explain these in detail.

Faculty: How good are the trainers at these institutes? Exams like WBCS need deep knowledge of the subjects. You do NOT expect ALL the best teachers at one institute. How good are they actually at teaching what they know? Do they interact with the students well? Are they available when you get doubts? From a friend who interacted with RICE and GSCE institutes’ faculty, you’re mostly on your own due to the high number of students and batches. At RICE, teachers can interact with the students better. Although every institute gives you the contact details of the teachers, availability is something different.

Notes: Two types. Static and dynamic. Static involves NCERT books, reference books, etc. (which you can prepare on your own). Dynamic syllabus involves current affairs and analysis of each event and implications. NO institute can give you all the complete relevant notes. You may subscribe to the postal services of these institutes to cover the relevant topics to the maximum extent possible.


Preparation: Different subject needs different ways of preparation. This is where you need the guidance of the teacher the most. To understand the subject better. And to know what to concentrate on. Do NOT expect any teacher/institute to spoon feed you (that’s the expectation with which most people join coaching). You need to prepare on your own. Cracking the exam needs your effort more than your teachers’.

1.RICE Education

RICE is the first choice of most of the aspirants who decides to become WBCS officer. RICE is the best institute and the best guidance and support system one could get in Belgharia, Kolkata for West Bengal Civil Services examination. Very Good Class Room Teaching, they have the best faculty in the market. Excellent Notes(Dictated in the Class Room), it is very crisp and useful.

Here is the list of successful candidates

 Image Source: Facebook

2.George School of Competitive Exams(GSCE)

GSCE is another solution for WBCS aspirant who has just started the preparation and doesn’t know the rules of the game. It will provide you guidance throughout the year and keep you in touch with the preparation. Teachers are well experienced, best faculty in Kolkata.

Here is the list of successful candidates

 Image Source: gsceindia.org


4.Academy Association


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