Top Current Affairs Quiz 17 May 2019

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Current Affairs 17 May 2019

The Current Affairs Quizzes section aims to enhance your General Awareness. The questions are framed from the various newspaper. These quizzes will help aspirants of SSC, Banking, Railway, CLAT, MBA entrance exams, State Civil Services examinations, and other examination.

1. Which of the following states has 35 percent of the country’s Graphite deposits as per the Geological Survey of India (GSI)?

A. Arunachal Pradesh     B. Andhra Pradesh     C. Odisha      D. Jharkhand

2. Which of the following Nation recently blocked all editions of Wikipedia?

A. Iran     B. Palestine     C. North Korea     D. China

3.Global Influence of Asian Civilizations Forum begun in which of the following cities?

A. New Delhi      B. Beijing      C. Islamabad      D. Dhaka

4.Which country did not join the global initiative ‘Christchurch call to action’ to combat terrorism and extremism online?

A. China       B. Pakistan       C. India      D. USA

5. Which of the following countries has banned headscarf in primary schools?

A. UK       B. Sri Lanka      C. Australia      D. Austria


6.Who among the following is the world’s first woman to cross the Atlantic Ocean solo in a Light Sports Aircraft (LSA)?

A.Captain Aarohi Pandit      B.Captain Keithair Misquitta      C.Captain Avani Chaturvedi      D.Captain Shweta Singh

7.Which of the following institution recently launched the ‘Vision 2021’ document for e-payment system?

A. Paytm      B. SBI      C. Niti Aayog      D. RBI

8.Which among the following US states has passed a stringent abortion law?

A.California      B.Florida     C.Texas      D.Alabama

9. Which of the following has created naturally when cosmic rays interact with nitrogen in the atmosphere?

A.Radium-32      B.Carbon-14     C.Uranium-23      D.Bismuth

10.When the National Dengue Day is observed?

A. 15th May      B. 16th May      C. 17th May      D. 18th May


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