Top Current Affairs Quiz 9 May 2019

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Current Affairs 9 May 2019

The Current Affairs Quizzes section aims to enhance your General Awareness. The questions are framed from the various newspaper. These quizzes will help aspirants of SSC, Banking, Railway, CLAT, MBA entrance exams, State Civil Services examinations, and other examination.

1. Which of the following country has appealed to the international community to lift travel warnings?

A. India

B. Pakistan

C. Sri Lanka

D. Australia

2.58th Venice Biennale 2019 held in

A. India

B. Israel

C. Greece

D. Italy

3.Who has been elected as the President of Panama?

A.Juan Carlos Varela

B.Martin Torrijos

C.Ricardo Martinelli

D.Laurentino Cortizo

4. India Bangladesh agreed to jointly produce the film based on the life and works of

A. Narendra Modi

B. Sheikh Hasina

C. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman

D. Ziaur Rahman

5. Mrinal Mukhopadhyay passed away recently. he was a/an

A. Politician

B. Actor

C. Journalist

D. Sports person

6. Who among the following are among 115 UN peacekeepers and staff honoured by UN for their sacrifice?

A. Shikha Garg

B. Jitendra Kumar

C. Raju Singh

D. Both A and B

7. When is the world Red Cross day observed?

A. 7th May

B. 8th may

C. 9th May

10. 6th May

8.Which of the following is to be named as Kerala’s state amphibian?

A.Variegated golden frog

B.Purple Frog

C.Fire-bellied toad

D.Pouched frog

9. India recently was re-elected as Observer to which international forum?

A. Arctic Council

B. World Bank

C. United Nations Mission in South Sudan

D. United Nations Commission on the Status of Women

10.Which Indian journalist has won the 2018 ACJ Award?

A.Nileena MS

B. Neha Dixit

C. Sunaina Paul

D. None of these


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