Current Affairs Quiz December 2018

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Monthly Current Affairs Quiz December 2018

1.How many languages did Union Government launches Bhasha Sangam to introduce school students ?

A.18   B.22   C.24    D.26

2.Who won gold medals at the 62nd National Shooting Championships?

A.Heena Sidhu   B.Manu Bhaker   C.Kyan Chenai   D.Esha Singh

3.Which country hosted the G20 summit 2018?

A.USA     B.Argentina    C. Russia     D. Denmark

4.Which movie won the coveted Golden Peacock Award at the 49th IFFI 2018?

A. Walking with the Wind      B. Ee Ma Yau        C. When the Trees Fall     D. Donbass

5.Chidaoba wrestling got UNESCO heritage tag. Chidaoba is a traditional wrestling of which country?

A.Ireland     B.Georgia     C.Jamaica      D.Nigeria

6.The 1st Global Aviation Summit will be held in

A.Mumbai     B.New Delhi   C.Hyderabad    D.Kolkata

7.Who became the first Indian to be honoured with the Blue Cross by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) for his contribution to the sport of shooting?

A.Abhinav Bindra  B.Apurvi Chandela    C.Anjum Moudgil    D.Abhishek Verma

8.Which state became the first Indian state to launch a single emergency number ‘112’?

A. West Bengal B. Himachal Pradesh C.Punjab D. Tamil Nadu

9.Which bank moves to ease liquidity for non-banking finance firms?

A.Reserve Bank of India B.State Bank of India C.Canara Bank D.Andhra Bank

10.Which nation’s Ebola outbreak has become the second-largest in history,as per WHO?

A.Somalia B. Zambia C. Congo D.Nigeria

11.Which country is the fastest growing e-commerce market: Report by Bain & Company ?

A.USA    B.India   C.Russia    D.UK

12.Which city hosted the first-ever Sustainable Blue Economy Conference 2018?

A.New Delhi    B.Tokyo, Japan    C. Nairobi, Kenya    D.Beijing, China

13.With which country India recently inked protocol on hygiene & inspection requirements for exports?

A.China    B.Russia    C.Japan    D.Singapore

14.Who won the ‘World Chess Championship 2018’ title?

A.Sergey Karjakin    B.Viswanathan Anand    C.Magnus Carlsen     D.Fabiano Caruana

15.Which nation’s air force will engage with the Indian air force in a joint exercise called ‘Cope India 2019’?

A. China     B.U.S.A     C. Australia     D.Russia

16.Which state has become the first north-eastern state to launch single emergency number ‘112’?

A. Nagaland    B. Manipur    C.Assam   D. Meghalaya

17.Which of the following rocket is to be launched by NASA to get a closer look at how the earth’s atmosphere is leaking into space?

A.TERRA       B.VISIONS-2     C.ICESat-2     D.GALEX 2

18.The naval exercise ‘Konkan 18’ began between India and which country?

A.Bangladesh    B.Nepal     C.USA     D. United Kingdom

19.Which of the following States does the people celebrate the famous HornBill festival?

A.Assam    B.Tripura    C.Nagaland     D.Meghalaya

20.Who becomes first Indian to be elected ISSF Vice President?

A.Shri Rajeev Singh     B.Shri Naresh Karthick     C.Shri Raninder Singh

D.Shri Suresh Kumar

21.Which country becomes the first to Recognise ‘Orphanage Trafficking’ As Slavery?

A.Australia    B.Pakistan    C.China    D.Russia

22. The 24th meeting of Conference of Parties (CoP) is being held in which country?

A. Austria    B. Denmark    C. Poland    D. Fiji

23.Which nation has amended its weapons bill to ensure right to possession of kirpans by Sikhs?

A.India      B.China    C.UK     D.Australia

24.Which nation will Chair the Kimberley Process from January 2019?

A.USA    B.Japan    C. UK     D.India

25.Asia Pacific Summit 2018 was held in which country?

A.Nepal    B. India    C. Singapore    D. Bhutan

26.Which country will host the G20 Summit in 2022?

A. India    B.France    C.UK     D. China

27.The National Commission for Women has decided to support livelihood programmes for women in which region?

A. Jammu and Kashmir    B. Tamil Nadu     C.Konkan coast    D.Northeast

28.Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been sworn in as 58th President of which nation?

A.Nigeria    B.Mexico    C.Egypt     D. Poland

29.Which leader was recently stripped off the Freedom of Paris award?

A. Donald Trump    B.Narandra Modi     C.Mohammed bin Salman     D. Aung San Suu Kyi

30.Which country decided to withdraw from Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) in January 2019?

A.Qatar    B.Saudi Arabia    C.Iran     D.Israel

31.Who has been appointed as new Finance Secretary of India?

A.Ajay Bhushan Pandey      B.Hasmukh Adhia      C.Ajay Narayan Jha         D.Subhash Chandra Garg

32.Which country became the first to recognise ‘orphanage trafficking’ as a form of modern slavery?

A.India      B.China     C.USA      D.Australia

33.Which of the following government is to carry out a 10-day minimum wages enforcement campaign?

A.UP      B.Delhi     C.West Bengal     D.Punjab

34. Who among the following footballers has won the 2018 Ballon d’Or honour?

A. Luka Modric     B. Cristiano Ronaldo     C. Lionel Messi      D. Kylian Mbappe

35.GSAT 11 belongs to which category of satellites?

A. Communication satellite       B. Remote Sensing Satellite

C. Earth observation satellites‎        D. Navigation system satellites‎

36.First India Japan Air Exercise ‘SHINYUU Maitri 2018’ has begun in

A.Amritsar     B.Jodhpur       C.Kolkata     D.Agra

37.Which country will conduct the theatre level maritime war exercise TROPEX?

A.Pakistan       B.India      C.Bangladesh       D.China

38.Which country has become the first Latin American country to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)?

A.Paraguay      B.Nicaragua      C.Panama      D.Guatemala

39.India has signed an agreement on currency swap with which nation?

A. UAE     B.Qatar      C.Saudi Arabia       D.Russia

40. India Water Impact Summit 2018 was held in which city?

A.Jaipur     B.Rishikesh     C.Indore     D.New Delhi

41.Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the Bogibeel Bridge, India’s longest rail-cum-road bridge, falling in

A.Assam & Arunachal Pradesh      B.Nagaland & Manipur       C.Assam & Meghalaya      D.None of These

42.Name the Indian cricketer who recently announced retirement from all forms of cricket?

A.Virat Kohli     B.Gautam Gambhir      C. MS Dhoni      D. Suresh Raina

43.Which state has launched the ‘Mukhyamantri Tirth Yatra Yojana’ which offers free travel packages for senior citizens?

A.Punjab    B.Delhi     C.Bihar     D.West Bengal

44.Who won 2018 ‘IAAF Female Athletes of the Year’ award?

A.Caterine Ibarguen     B.Dina Asher-Smith    C.Beatrice Chepkoech     D.Shaunae Miller-Uibo

45.Who won 2018 ‘IAAF Male Athletes of the Year’ award?

A.Mondo Duplantis    B.Kevin Mayer     C.Eliud Kipchoge     D.Christian Coleman

46.The Reserve Bank of India recently fixed the Repo Rate at what percent?

A.5.5%      B.6.5 %      C.7 %      D.7.5%

47.Which state announced a new initiative ‘PEETHA’ to publicise government schemes?

A.Punjab     B.Delhi     C.Bihar      D.Odisha

48. Who won the Sahitya Academy Award 2018 in Hindi Language in Novels category?

A.Chitra Mudgal      B. Sanjib Chattopadhyay     C.Anees Salim      D. Ramesan Nair

49.Which of the following films nominated in the ‘Best Film – Drama’ category at the 2019 Golden Globe Awards?

A.Mary Poppins Returns     B.Green Book     C.Crazy Rich Asians     D.Black Panther

50.Who has been selected to host the 2019 Academy Awards, also known as the Oscars, for the first time?

A.Chris Rock     B.James Franco     C.Kevin Hart     D.Jimmy Kimmel

51.Which data did the NASA Scientists use to find the 100 new exoplanets?

A.NASA’s Kepler Space telescope      B.NASA’s Gamma-Ray telescope

C.NASA’s Hubble Space telescope     D.NASA’s James Webb Space telescope

52.What was the theme of World Soil Day 2018?

A. Caring for the Planet starts from the Ground      B. Soils and pulses, a symbiosis for life

C. Soils, a solid ground for life      D.Be the Solution to Soil Pollution

53.Which of the following is set to become the first country in the world to make all public transport free?

A.Iceland     B.Spain     C. Luxembourg     D.Belgium

54.The Union Cabinet has approved an MoU between India and which nation on scientific and technical cooperation in earth sciences?

A.USA     B. UK     C. China      D. Germany

55.Which bowler becomes fastest bowler to take 200 Test wickets After Breaking 82 year old Record?

A.Yasir Shah      B.Javagal Srinath     C.Varon Aaron      D.Zaheer Khan.

56.The book titled ‘Blue Waters Ahoy!’ – chronicling the Indian Navy’s History from 2001-10 is written by-

A. Robin K. Dhowan        B.Sunil Lanba      C. G. Ashok Kumar        D. Harish Bisht

57.Which of the following domestic airlines becomes first Indian airline to have 200 aircraft?

A.IndiGo          B.SpiceJet         C.GoAir        D.Vistara Airlines

58.Prime Minister Narendra Modi has emerged as the most popular global leader on which social media platform with 14.8 million followers?

A.Twitter        B.Instagram        C.Facebook       D.Google+

59.The US recently re-established its diplomatic mission in which country after 27 years?

A. Mexico      B.Russia       C. China       D.Somalia

60.Which country opposes move to declare Gilgit-Baltistan as fifth province?

A.India       B.Pakistan      C.China      D.Iran

61.Who is elected as Asia Pacific seat on the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR) ?

A.Suresh Kumar      B.Shri Sudha Ramakrishnan      C.Shri Preeti saran       D.Shri Dharani Vijay

62.Central government has approved Anti-Smuggling National Coordination Centre (SCord) for

A.BSF      B.ITBP      C.Assam Rifles       D.All of the above

63.Which of the following District Court becomes first in India to accept e-payments?

A.Lucknow District Court     B.Bhopal District Court      C.Jaipur District Court       D.Pune District Court

64.Which state Tourism first in Asia hosts AdventureNext 18 ?

A.Madhya Pradesh      B.Uttar Pradesh     C.Tamil Nadu     D.Andhra Pradesh

65.What type of Bioplastics can be used as an alternative to plastics?

A.biofuel-based plastics     B.plant-based plastics      C.petroleum-based plastics      D.Starch-based plastics

66.Kerala recently got its 4th international airport in

A.Kannur     B.Thrissur     C.Kollam     D.Kottayam

67.Who was crowned as Miss World 2018?

A. Manushi Chhillar     B.Vanessa Ponce De Leon     C.Quiin Abenakyo     D. Nicolene Limsnukan

68.Which state will host the 2018 Startup India Venture Capital Summit?

A.Goa      B.Uttar Pradesh      C.Tamil Nadu     D.Andhra Pradesh

69.Which of the following State is to host the Global Investors Meet (GIM) 2019?

A. Goa      B.Uttar Pradesh      C.Tamil Nadu      D.Andhra Pradesh

70. India recently started the offer of visa on arrival for the nationals belonging to which nation?

A. France      B.USA       C.China       D.South Korea

71.Who is the first RBI Governor since 1990 to resign before completion of term?

A.Urjit Patel     B. Raghuram Rajan     C. Viral Acharya     D.None of these

72.Who is awarded for the best woman Parliamentarian Award?

A.Smt. Maneka Sanjay     B.Smt.Basava Rajeswari    C.Smt.Kanimozhi     D.Smt . Mayawati Kumari

73.Which state Government launches 24-hour helpline 181 for women ?

A.Tamil Nadu      B.Kerala     C.West Bengal     D.Andhra Pradesh

74.Who is going to step down as the Chief of Staff of the United States by the end of December 2018?

A.Mike Pompeo     B.John F. Kelly     C. Jim Mattis     D. Dan Coats

75.Which city Khelo India Youth Games to be held ?

A.Pune     B.Chennai     C.Hyderabad     D.Secunderabad

76.Who won the Glinka World Soil Prize 2018?

A.Konstantin Mathews     B. Sid Thomas     C. Richard Pax     D.Rattan Lal

77.Who has been honoured with this year’s Sanctuary Wildlife Service Award?

A.Jayachandran S    B.Imran Siddiqui     C.Valmik Thapar     D.Jyoti Sharma

78.Who has been named India’s Hottest Vegetarian 2018 by PETA?

A.Ranbir Kapoor    B.Anushka Sharma    C.Rajkummar Rao     D.Alia Bhatt

79. India has resumed military drills with which nation after a gap of one year?

A.Russia    B.North Korea    C.Pakistan     D.China

80.Which party won majority in the Mizoram state elections 2018?

A.MPC     B.BJP     C.MNF     D.INC

81.Who has been appointed as the SWIFT India Chairman?

A.Arundhati Bhattacharya    B.Usha Ananthasubramanian    C.Arun Shrivastava    D.Pawan Kumar Bajaj

82.Which state has moved the Supreme Court for full-time Chairman for Cauvery Water Management Authority?

A.Karnataka     B.Andhra Pradesh     C.Tamil Nadu     D.Kerala

83.India has signed MoU 31 million with ADB for which state?

A.Karnataka      B.Andhra Pradesh      C.Tamil Nadu      D.Kerala

84.Who resigned from PM Economic Advisory Council?

A.Surjit Bhalla     B.Vivek Chopra     C.Anirudh Kumar     D.Dinesh Kumar


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