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1.Which of the following section of Indian Penal Code (IPC) can be used by transgenders to register complaints of sexual harassment?

A.Section 354C     B.Section 354D     C.Section 354A      D.Section 354B

2.PM Modi inaugurated 6th International Rice Research Institute in which city?

A.New Delhi      B.Varanasi      C.Bhubaneshwar     D.Kolkata

3.Which of the following short film won the best short documentary award at Asia South East Short Film Festival recently held at Phnom Penh in Cambodia?

A.Sprout      B.Suddenly Last Summer     C.Finding Beauty in Garbage      D.Night Fishing

4.Which small finance Bank gets RBI nod to operate as scheduled bank?

A.ESAF small finance bank     B.Equitas Small Finance Bank     C.Dena Small Finance Bank     D.Finotech Small Finance bank

5.Which of the following State’s cancer Institute won two world records, the Guinness World Records and High Range World Records by the cancer institute?

A.Karnataka      B.Gujarat       C.Uttar Pradesh     D.Telangana

6.Which of the following country promotes 2019 as year of investment in backdrop of wider business with India

A.Uzbekistan      B.Saudi Arabia      C.Denmark      D.Indonesia

7.Who was appointed as the Chief Information Commissioner recently?

A. Vanaja N. Sarna     B.Sudhir Bhargava     C.Suresh Chandra      D.None of These

8. Petroleum Minister Dharmendra Pradhan launched Ujjwala sanitary napkin initiative in

A. Odisha      B.Tamil Nadu     C.West Bengal       D.Bihar

9.Who has been appointed as Chairman of Railway Board?

A.Ratan Lal     B.Lalit Chandra Trivedi      C.Ashwani Lohani      D.Vinod Kumar Yadav

10. Who was named ICC Women’s Cricketer of the Year?

A.Smriti Mandhana     B.Poonam Yadav      C.Mithali Raj      D.Harmanpreet Kaur

11.Which cricket player equals Ganguly’s record with 11th away test win as captain?

A.Virat kohli      B.Rahul Dravid      C.Sourav Ganguly      D.Ravichandran Ashwin

12.Which two nations formally withdrew from UNESCO with the close of the year 2018?

A. US, Palestine     B. Iran, Israel      C.US,Israel        D. North Korea, Russia

13.Which state government to create an Adhyatmik Vibhag(spiritual department) ?

A.Madhya Pradesh     B.Andhra Pradesh      C.Tamil Nadu      D.Kerala

14.Who launches Samwad with students to engage them on space science ?

A.Indian Space Research organisation (ISRO)     B.Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC)     C.Satish Dhawan Space Centre     D.North Eastern Space Centre

15. Which nation has closed its major immigration detention facilities?

A.Germany      B.Canada     C.Australia     D.India

16.Which of the following ISRO’s achievements in 2018 was launch of the heaviest satellite (3,423 kg) ?

A.GSAT-6A     B.GSAT-7A     C.GSAT-29      D.GSAT-11

17.Jair Bolsonaro takes Oath As New President of

A.Sri Lanka     B.Canada     C.Germany     D.Brazil

18.Which nation assumed the charge as Non-Permanent Members of UN Security Council on January 1, 2019?

A.India     B.Ethiopia     C. Kazakhstan     D.South Africa

19.Who received the Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhanja National Award for Lifetime Achievement in Literature?

A.Anuradha Roy     B.Manoj Das     C.Jayanta Vikram     D.Ananth Padmanabhan

20.The India Pharma 2019 & India Medical Device 2019 conferences will be held in which city in February 2019?

A.Bengaluru     B.New Delhi      C. Mumbai     D.Lucknow

21.Who has been appointed as the new Chief Justice of Pakistan?

A.Sahil Alam     B.Asif Saeed Khosa     C.Mahamud Hasan      D.Ali Gulzar

22.What is the theme of the 106th edition of the Indian Science Congress?

A.Innovative Policies Science governance       B.Science, Management, and Innovation

C.Sustainable Development: From vision to transition        D.Futute India– Science and Technology

23.Prime Minister Modi unveiled a plaque to mark the inauguration of the Dolaithabi Barrage project in

A.Manipur     B.Nagaland     C.Assam     D.Bihar

24.Which state approved the modalities for the distribution of smartphones among students of government schools, colleges and technical institutions?

A.Haryana     B.Punjab     C.Himachal Pradesh     D.Uttar Pradesh

25.Which of the following state’s District achieved 100 percent electrification under the Saubhagya Scheme?

A. Assam     B.Nagaland     C.Arunachal Pradesh     D.Manipur

26.Who has been awarded with the National Geospatial Award for Excellence-2017 (Lifetime Achievement Award) by Indian Society for Remote Sensing?

A.Jayanta Kumar Ghosh     B.K.R. Parthasarathy     C.Rajendra Bhatia     D.None of these

27. UK Sinha led Expert Committee associated with which of the following sector?

A.Banking     B.Industry     C.Agriculture     B.MSME

28.Which of the folowing life insurance uses WhatsApp to deliver policy, renewal premium?

A.Bharti AXA Life Insurance     B.SBI Life Insurance    C.Axis Life Insurance      D.None of these

29.Which of the following Chinese space probe touched down on the far side of the moon?

A.Yinghuo-1 lunar probe     B.Chang’E-3 lunar probe     C.Chang’e-4 lunar probe     D.None of these

30.Which of the following city will host the Global Healthcare Summit 2019?

A.New Delhi     B.Kolkata     C.Hyderabad     D.Chennai

31.Which of the following 1st ever Indian wicketkeeper to slam Test ton ?

A.MS Dhoni     B.W. Saha  C.Rishab Pant     D.R. Uthappa

32.Which of the following Atomic Power Station set world record for longest uninterrupted operation?

A.Kudankulam Atomic Power Station     B.Kakrapar Atomic Power Station     C. Kaiga Atomic Power Station     D.None of these

33.Which of the follwoing trade Bills has been amended to facilitate recognition of trade unions at the Central and federal level?

A.Trade Unions Act, 1919      B.Trade Unions Act, 1926     C.Trade Unions Act, 1947     D.None of these

34.Who became the first person to be declared a ‘fugitive economic offender’ under Section 12 of the Fugitive Economic Offenders’ Act, 2018 ?

A.Nirav Modi     B.Vijay Mallya     C.Amarinder Prathap     D.Dinesh Wadia

35.Which of the following leader Signs Asia Reassurance Initiative Act Into Law?

A.Donald Trump     B.King Philippe of Belgium     C.Narandra Modi     D.Imran Khan

36.Recently, the Veer Savarkar International Airport in which city was declared as an authorised ‘Immigration Check post’ for entry into/exit from India.

A.Lakshadweep     B.Shimla     C.Port Blair     D.Siliguri

37.The government of India issued the which alert for the Andaman and Nicobar Islands due Cyclonic storm ‘Pabuk’.

A.Yellow     B.Orange     C.Blue     D.Green

38.Who Becomes Worlds 1st Female Amputee To Scale Antarcticas Highest Peak?

A.Arunima Sinha     B.Dihal Singh     C.Naresh Iyer      D.Suresh Karthick

39.Which country has declared the ancient Hindu religious site of ‘Panj Tirath’ as National heritage?

A.Afghanistan     B.Vietnam      C.Nepal     D.Pakistan

40.Which of the following country successfully tested the Mother of All Bombs?

A.Russia     B.China      C.US      D.India

41.Which film won the 2019 Golden Globe award for Best Motion Picture- Drama?

A.If Beale Street Could Talk      B.Black Panther      C.Bohemian Rhapsody      D.BlacKkKlansman

42.Which film won the 2019 Golden Globe award for Best Motion Picture-Musical or Comedy?

A.Vice     B.Mary Poppins Returns    C.Crazy Rich Asians     D.Green Book

43.Who won the Best Actor in Motion Picture-Drama award at the 76th Golden Globe Awards?

A.Willem Dafoe     B.Rami Malek     C.Bradley Cooper     D.Lucas Hedges

44.Who won the Best Actress in Motion Picture-Drama award at the 76th Golden Globe Awards?

A.Lady Gaga     B.Glenn Close     C.Nicole Kidman    D.Rosamund Pike

45.Which station is to grow beans in 2021?

A.International Space Station    B.Salyut Space Station     C.Mir Space Station     D.Tiangong Space Station

46.Which nation has passed a law to have own version of Islam, make it conform to socialism?

A.China     B.Russia     C.Germany     D.Hong Kong

47.Indian Panorama Film Festival begins in Which of the following city?

A.Kolkata     B.Mumbai     C.New Delhi     D.Chennai

48.Which of the following journalist conferred with lifetime achievement award?

A.Gauri Lankesh    B.Dinu Randive      C.Ravish Kumar     D.Barkha Dutt

49.Which nation has introduced a new regulation to put an end to secret divorces?

A.Pakistan     B.UAE      C.Saudi Arabia     D.Iran

50.The largest cathedral of West Asia was recently inaugurated in which country?

A.Pakistan     B.UAE     C.Saudi Arabia     D.Egypt

51.The Union Cabinet has approved what percentage of quota for EWS in the general category?

A.5%     B.10%     C.15%     D.20%

52.Which has been announced as the 33rd district of Tamil Nadu ?

A.Kallakurichi     B.Tiruvarur     C.Ulundurpet     D.Vikravandi

53.Who is appointed as CBI Chief; to look in to corruption charges by High-Committee panel and CVC?

A.Vivek raman     B.Naresh Iyer     C.Alok Kumar     D.None of these

54.Which among the following countries has decided to withdraw from UN-backed anti-corruption commission?

A.Pakistan   B.UAE   C.Saudi Arabia    D.Guatemala

55.Vikram Misri appointed as India’s new ambassador towhich nation?

A.China      B.Germany       C.Australia      D.Russia

56. Who was appointed as the Chief Economist of the International Monetary Fund?

A. Christine Lagarde     B.Mahesh Rathore     C.Gita Gopinath      D.None of these

57.Which of the following organisation received ‘Exhibitor of the Year Award’ at 106th Indian Science Congress?

A.ISRO      B.DRDO      C.TRAI      D.None of these

58.Lok Sabha has passed the Personal Laws (Amendment Bill), 2018 to remove_______

A.AIDS      B.Leprosy      D.Dengue      D.None of these

59.Who Becomes 1st Indian to Head Global Solar Council?

A.Pranav R Mehta      B.Suresh kumar      C.Naresh Kumar      D.Rajnath Singh

60.Which of the following bill deals with 10% quota for economically weaker sections in general category?

A.Constitution (122nd Amendment) Bill 2019      B.Constitution (124th Amendment) Bill 2018

C.Constitution (123rd Amendment) Bill 2019       D.Constitution (124th Amendment) Bill 2019

61.Which of the following Iranian Bank has been allowed by Indian Government to to open a branch in Mumbai?

A.Maskan Bank      B.Sepah Bank      C. Pasargad Bank       D.Tejarat Bank

62.Which country’s cricketing body was announced as the 105th member of ICC?

A.Malaysia      B.Brazil       B.USA       D.Russia

63. India has signed an Ocean Dialogue with which nation?

A.Malaysia      B.Norway      C.Maldives      D.Sri Lanka

64.Twenty fifth Edition of Partnership Summit Held in which city?

A.Mumbai      B.Kolkata     C.Delhi       D.Chennai

65.Nicolas Maduro sworn in as President of which of the following country for 2nd term amid economic crisis?

A.Malaysia       B.Brazil       C.USA       D.Venezuela

66.Which country has topped the global index for world’s most powerful passport for the second time in a row?

A.USA     B.UK      C.Japan       D.France

67.Which of the following State police recently received the Award for the Best Crime Detection (ABCD) for 2018?

A.West BengaL      B.Tamil Nadu      C.Karnataka      D. Andhra Pradesh

68.PM Modi recently launched road, sewerage projects in

A.Maharashtra      B.Tamil Nadu       C.Karnataka       D.Andhra Pradesh

69. Which nation was chosen to host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations, replacing the original hosts Cameroon?

A.Morocco      B.Egypt      C.South Africa     D.Saudi Arabia

70.Who has been ranked World’s top woman boxer by the International Boxing Association ?

A.Mary Kom     B.Katie Taylor       C.Hanna Okhota       D.Claressa Shields

71.After the removal of Mr.Alok Verma, who has been appointed as the CBI director?

A.Anil Sinha      B.Rakesh Asthana       C .Mannem Nageswara Rao       D.Ashwani Kumar

72. Which body constituted Nandan Nilekani led Committee to boost digital payments?

A.SEBI      B.FICCI      C.RBI       D.NITI Aayog

73. The second edition of Khelo India Youth Games was inaugurated in which city recently?

A.Mumbai      B.Pune      C.Kolkata      D.Chennai

74. ICC has offered amnesty to which nation’s cricketers to report match-fixing approaches?

A.Sri Lanka     B. Australia      C.India      D.Bangladesh

75.Who is the author of the book We are Displaced?

A.Kamila Shamsie      B.Malala Yousafzai      C.Mohsin Hamid      D.Hanna Okhota

76.Fourth Edition of Raisina Dialogue held in

A.Mumbai      B.Kolkata      C.Delhi      D.Chennai

77.Which OPEC nation has decided to cut its oil exports in January by 10 per cent?

A.Iraq      B.Iran     C.UAE      D.Saudi Arabia

78.Under which scheme does the Cabinet approve to set up 4 AIIMS?

A.Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana        B.Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana

C.Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana        D.None of these

79.Which nation is set to become the third-largest consumer market behind US and China by 2030, as per the World Economic Forum?

A.UAE      B.Australia     C.India       D.None of these

80.How many new political parties recently seek registration from Election Commission?

A.Four     B.Seven      C.Nine       D.None of these

81.Which state has become the third state to withdraw the General Consent given to CBI to probe cases in the state?

A.Chhattisgarh      B.Tamil Nadu       C.Karnataka      D.Andhra Pradesh

82.Which country is developing an advanced compact size radar for the Navy which can maintain constant surveillance over an area of the size of India?

A.UAE       B.Australia       C.Japan       D.China

83.Which space agency plans to set up space galleries to disseminate the knowledge about space science and technology amongst the citizens of the country?


84.National Consultation on Child Protection Held in

A.New Delhi      B.Chennai     C.Hyderabad       D.Pune

85. India’s first rail and transportation university has started functioning in which city?

A.New Delhi     B.Chennai      C.Vadodara      D.Pune

86.Who is the Hindu Group new AFMF President?

A.Karthick suraj      B.Suresh Rajan       C.Naresh Iyer     D.N.Ram

87.The Union Cabinet approved the signing of Terms of Reference (TOR) to provide tax assistance to which nation?

A.Sweden     B.Egypt      C.Eswatini      D.None of these

88.Which of the following municipal corporation has teamed up with NGO under the concept ‘Feed the need’ to feed the hugry?

A.West Bengal      B.Telangana     C.Andhra Pradesh      D.None of these

89.India’s longest single lane steel cable suspension bridge was named _.

A.Mandovi Bridge     B.Netravati Bridge      C.Dikhow Bridge      D.Byorung Bridge

90.The Union Cabinet has approved bilateral swap arrangement between India and which nation?

A.Japan     B.USA      C.UAE      D.Australia

91.Which state administration recently set up a law commission, with Justice (Retd) M K Hanjura as its founding chairperson?

A.Jammu and Kashmir     B.Assam     C.West Bengal     D.None of these

92.India’s longest 300-metre single lane steel cable suspension bridge was inaugurated at

A.Jammu and Kashmir      B.Uttar Pradesh     C.Arunachal Pradesh      D.Assam

93. Su Tseng-chang has been appointed as the Prime Minister of which state?

A.Vietnam    B.Taiwan     C.North Korea      D.China

94.Who is named as African Footballer Of The Year?

A.Mohamed Salah     B.Bhaichung Bhutia      C.Sandesh Jhingan     D.None of these

95.Which among the following is not one of the six states that signed an agreement for Renukaji Dam Project?

A.Haryana     B.Uttar Pradesh      C.Rajasthan      D.West Bengal

96.Which Indian leader was recently awarded with the first ever Philip Kotler Presidential Award?

A.Narendra Modi      B. Ram Nath Kovind      C. Venkaiah Naidu     D. Arun Jaitley

97.Who won the girls’ U-17 badminton title at the Khelo India Youth Games (KIYG) 2019?

A.Manasi Singh     B.Taslim Mir     C.Aakarshi Kashyap     D.Gandham Rao

98.Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently released a commemorative silver coin of Rs 350 and stamp on

A.Guru Nanak Dev      B.Guru Angad dev     C.Guru Ram Das     D.Guru Gobind Singh

99.Which country launches new innovation initiative at Raisina Dialogue, 2019

A.USA     B.India      C.Saudi Arabia      D.Indonesia

100.Which state has become the first one to implement 10 per cent quota for EWS in general category?

A.West Bengal      B.Gujarat     C.Uttar Pradesh      D.Maharashtra

101.Who Conferred ICSI(Institute of Company Secretaries of India) Lifetime Award?

A.Rajesh Sharma       B.Adi Godrej      C.Nitish Suresh       D.None of these

102.Which of the following nation hold the first-ever Annual Disarmament and International Security Affairs Fellowship Programme?

A.China       B.USA       C.Australia       D.India

103.Which state decided to ban the production, sale and use of single-use plastic products in the Union Territory ?

A.Puducherry         B.Goa       C.Manipur        D.Maharashtra

104.Who has been honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award by the West Bengal Film Journalists Association (WBFJA)?

A.Sharmila Tagore       B.Buddhadeb Dasgupta       C.Soumitra Chatterjee        D.Kajol

105.Fourth Meeting of Council for Trade Development and Promotion (CTDP) Held In

A.Kolkata        B.New Delhi        C.Hyderabad       D.Pune

106.Which mission has found how plasma particles from the solar wind make their way into the Moon’s night side?

A.Chandrayaan 2       B.Apollo 17       C.Apollo 16       D.Chandrayaan 1

107.Which state government has launched ‘One Family, One Job’ scheme?

A.Sikkim        B.Uttar Pradesh       C.Assam       D.Kerala

108.The world’s largest religious and cultural human congregation, ‘Kumbh 2019’ began in which city?

A.Haridwar       B.Prayagraj      C.Kolkata       D.Varanasi

109.Which state inducted a road safety robot ‘ROADEO’ into service recently?

A.Kerala        B.Tamil Nadu       C.West Bengal       D.New Delhi

110.Who  is the recipient of the first-ever Philip Kotler Presidential award?

A.Narandra Modi     B.Venakaiah Naidu       C.Ram Nath Kovind      D.Shahrukh Khan

111.Which country has launched ‘Fair Value for Innovation’ at Raisina Dialogue in New Delhi?

A.India      B.USA       C.Australia      D.Japan

112. Which country has changed its name to North Macedonia?

A.Bulgaria        B.Greece      C.Macedonia      D.Armenia

113.9th International Micro irrigation conference began in which city ?

A.Aurangabad      B.Kolkata      C.Moradabad      D.None of these

114.India’s largest start up ecosystem has launched in which state?

A.West Bengal     B.Kerala        C.UP       D.MP

115.Which among the following countries has become the new chair of G77 ?

A.Pakistan    B.India      C.Bangladesh      D.Palestine

116.Shakil Ahmed is associated with which sports?

A.Rowing       B.Polo      C.Cricket       D.Football

117.Which country plans to launch international lunar base?

A.India       B.China        C.Japan       D.USA

118.Where will be the first Air Cargo Policy at the Global Aviation summit held?

A.Mumbai       B.Kolkata         C.Jaipur       D.Delhi




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