Current Affairs Quiz Non-UPSC : March 2019

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1.Who has been elected as the new President of Nigeria?

A.Muhammadu Buhari    B.Goodluck Jonathan    C. Yemi Osinbajo     D.Ibrahim Babangida

2.Who won the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards (META) Lifetime Achievement Award 2019?

A.Joy Maisnam      B.Mahesh Elkunchwar      C.Dr.Chavan Pramod       D.Chillara Samaram

3. How many countries have ratified the Geneva Convention?

A.194         B.196         C. 168         D.182

4.Who has become the first-ever bowler in T20I history?

A.Jasprit Bumrah        B.Md Shami       C.Yasir Shah       D.Rasid Khan

5.BioAsia 2019-Asias largest Life-sciences and healthcare forum held in which of the following City?

A.Hyderabad        B.Chennai       C.Mumbai      D.New Delhi

6.Prime Minister Narendra Modi conferred the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize 2018 in which field?

A.Science & Technology       B.Sports        C.Education & Skill Development        D. Literature

7.Which state government has recently declared Monkeys as vermin?

A.Uttar Pradesh      B.West Bengal      C. Himachal Pradesh      D. Haryana

8.Which country has scored highest-ever T20 International Score?

A.Pakistan      B.India      C.Afghanistan      D.South Africa

9.Which of the following player was honoured with Asian Hockey Federation’s Player of the Year award?

A.Birendra Lakra      B.Harmanpreet Singh     C.Akashdeep Singh     D.Manpreet Singh

10.Which state has launched PRANAM Commission To Protect Parents Of State Government Employees?

A.Assam      B.Himachal Pradesh       C.Madhya Pradesh       D.Bihar

11.RBI has signed a bilateral swap arrangement with the bank of which nation?

A.Japan     B.China      C.Australia     D.USA

12.The Union Cabinet has approved which policy to ensure more effective regulation in mining sector?

A.National Mineral Policy 2018      B.National Mining Policy 2018     C .National Mineral Policy 2019     D.National Mining Policy 2019

13.What is the India’s rank in The Facebook Inclusive Internet Index (3i) 2019?

A.45th       B. 47th      C.49th      D.None of these


14.The Cabinet has approved which policy to develop India as a Software Product Nation?

A.National Regulation on Software Products Policy 2019       B.National Policy on Software Products 2019

C.Policy on Software Products 2018        D.National Regulation on Software Products 2018

15.The 4th Global Digital Health Partnership Summit was held in which city?

A .New Delhi      B.Kolkata     C.Mumbai     D.Hyderabad

16.The United States has vowed to give aid to which nation against armed attack in South China Sea?

A.Pakistan      B.Thailand       C.Vietnam      D.Philippines

17.Which country offered to help mediate between India and Pakistan to defuse the crisis?

A.United States       B.Russia     C.Canada      D.Australia

18. Recently Union Cabinet has approved which metro rail project?

A.Kanpur Metro Rail      B.Hydrabad Metro Rail      C.Bangaluru Metro Rail      D.Lucknow Metro Rail

19.Which of the following State has become first to introduce Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI)?

A.West Bengal       B.Bihar      C.Uttar Pradesh      D.Tamil Nadu

20.Where will be the headquarter of ‘Southern Coast Railway’newly created?

A.Pune     B.Secunderabad     C.Visakhapatnam      D.Mysore




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