Current Affairs Quiz November 2018

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Current Affairs Quiz November 2018

1.Which of the following did Madras HC ban regarding drugs?

A.False practising   B.Selling for high price    C.Online drug sale    D.drug that are banned by USFDA

2.Scientists from which organization have developed less polluting green firecrackers named SWAS,SAFAL and STAR?

A.The Council of Environment and Industrial Research (CEIR)

B.The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

C.The Council of Air and Industrial Research (CAIR)

D.Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization (PESO)

3.Who became the first Indian to win an Asian Snooker Tour event?

A.Aditya Mehta   B.Subhash Agarwal    C.Pankaj Advani    D.Geet Sethi

4.Which of the following states launched Entrepreneurship scheme Samruddhi

A.Karnataka     B.Tamil Nadu     C.Kerala     D.West Bengal

5.India’s rank in Global Passport Index ?

A.65      B.55       C.60      D.70

6.India’s rank in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index 2018?

A.100     B.77     C.85        D.95

7.Which state Government in partnership with Japan to develop ‘food value chain’ ?

A.Uttar Pradesh     B. Madhya Pradesh    C. West Bengal     D. Kerala

9.Which country inked a $950 million deal for inducting two new warships equipped with Brahmos missiles in the India Navy ?

A. USA      B.Russia     C. Israel       D. France

10.Which country To Be Partner Country For 25th DST-CII Technology Summit 2019 ?

A.Netherland      B.Andorra    C.Australia      D.Botswana

11.Who resigns as Film and Television Institute of India Chairman ?

A.Anupam Kher      B.Anil Kapoor    C.Suresh Kumar    D.Deepak Kumar

12.Which of the following UN country is hosting 2 pre meeting before the Climate talks?

A. USA    B.UK    C.India   D. Saudi Arabia

13.Who has stepped down recently from the newly constituted board of Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS)?

A.Arun.K.Saha     B.G.N.Bajpai      C.Kumar Molri       D.A.K. Mathur

14.49th International Film Festival of India, IFFI 2018, will be held in

A. Maharashtra      B. Kerala       C. Tamil Nadu      D.Goa

15.Men’s hockey World Cup 2018 will be held in

A.India       B. Pakistan    C. South Africa    D. Australia

16.Under which provision did the U.S. revoke the duty free imports on 50 Indian products?

A.Generalised System of Preferences (GSP)     B.Goods and Services Tax (GST)

C.Generalised Goods and Products System (GPS)     D.Goods and Preferred Supplies (GPS)

17.SAFAR that records the Capital’s Air Quality Index stands for __________.

A.Status of Air Quality Forecasting and Research

B.System of Air quality predicting Forum and Research

C.System of Air Quality Forecasting and Research

D.System of Air Quality Forum and Research

18.Who presides over the Program and Budget Committee meeting of UNWTO ?

A.Suresh Iyer    B.Krishna Rajan      C.K J Alphons    D. Vijay Bhaskar

19.What type of bonds did RBI permit the Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) and Housing Finance Companies (HFC) to issue?

A.Partial Credit Enhancement        B.Investment-grade corporate bonds      C.Mortgage-backed bonds

D.Foreign bonds

20.Which of the following country has secretly initiated talks with the Taliban against bypassing Afghan’s President Ashraf Ghani’s government?

A.US       B.Denmark     C. Russia         D. Pakistan

21.India International Cherry Blossom Festival 2018 will be held IN

A. Mizoram       B. Tripura        C. Assam     D.Meghalaya

22.Which of the following INS will be India’s first decommissioned aircraft carrier that will be turned into a floating museum?

A.INS Shivalik      B.INS Satpura       C.INS Vikrant     D.INS Viraat

23.Which city topped ‘Ease of Moving Index 2018’ according to a study conducted by Ola Mobility Institute?

A. Patna       B. Kolkata      C. Bengaluru     D. New Delhi

24.India, Japan kick off first joint military exercise ‘Dharma Guardian-2018’ in

A.Mizoram       B. Tripura      C. Assam       D.Meghalaya

25.GST-registered Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) can now avail of loan of up to Rs _______ in just 59 minutes.

A.2 Crore       B.25 Lakh      C.50 Lakh      D.1 Crore

26.Which country launches new high-orbit satellite to boost its BeiDou global satellite navigation system?

A. France       B.China       C. Israel      D. Pakistan

27.First ‘Annual Senior Care Conclave Igniting Industry for India’s Ageing Sector’ held in ——- ?

A.New Delhi     B.Chennai     C.Hyderabad     D.Pune

28.Which of the following spacecraft that orbited the two largest objects in the asteroid belt completed its mission?

A.Juno     B.Dawn     C.Insight     D.Opportunity

29.Who has been named as the brand ambassador of 2018 Women’s World Boxing Championships?

A.Mary Kom      B.Laishram Sarita Devi     C.Seema Poonia     D.Vikas Krishan Yadav

30.WHO’s (World Health Organisation’s) First Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health was recently held in

A.Vienna, Austria   B.Paris, France    C.New York, USA    D.Geneva, Switzerland

31.‘Little India Gate’ inaugurated in Indonesia’s which city?

A.Medan    B.Palembang    C.Jambi    D.Surabaya

32.Which state nearly 4000 farmers register online for sale of groundnut under MSP scheme in just two hours on day one?

A.Gujarat     B.Kerala     C.Bihar     D.Tamil Nadu

33.India’s first nuclear-powered submarine _______ has completed its first deterrence patrol recently.

A.INS Sahyadri    B.INS Kalvari     C.INS Chakra  D.INS Arihant

34.Where was the world’s largest marine sanctuary planned to be built?

A.Arctic      B.Iceland     C.Antarctica     D.Cyprus

35.Which of the following country unveiled a sculpture in honour of Indian soldiers who fought during World War I?

A.US    B.UK      C.German    D.France

36.Delhi’s Signature Bridge,the first asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge is built over the which river?

A.Sahibi     B.Ganga       C.Brahmaputra    D.Yamuna

37.Which state records highest school dropouts in India?

A.Meghalaya     B.Tripura      C.Nagaland  D.Assam

38.Which city is Asia’s most sustainable city according to Arcadis ?

A. New Delhi       B.Singapore    C. Islamabad     D. Tokyo


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