Current Affairs Quiz November 2018

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Current Affairs Quiz November 2018

1.Which of the following did Madras HC ban regarding drugs?

A.False practising   B.Selling for high price    C.Online drug sale    D.drug that are banned by USFDA

2.Scientists from which organization have developed less polluting green firecrackers named SWAS,SAFAL and STAR?

A.The Council of Environment and Industrial Research (CEIR)

B.The Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR)

C.The Council of Air and Industrial Research (CAIR)

D.Petroleum and Explosive Safety Organization (PESO)

3.Who became the first Indian to win an Asian Snooker Tour event?

A.Aditya Mehta   B.Subhash Agarwal    C.Pankaj Advani    D.Geet Sethi

4.Which of the following states launched Entrepreneurship scheme Samruddhi

A.Karnataka     B.Tamil Nadu     C.Kerala     D.West Bengal

5.India’s rank in Global Passport Index ?

A.65      B.55       C.60      D.70

6.India’s rank in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Index 2018?

A.100     B.77     C.85        D.95

7.Which state Government in partnership with Japan to develop ‘food value chain’ ?

A.Uttar Pradesh     B. Madhya Pradesh    C. West Bengal     D. Kerala

9.Which country inked a $950 million deal for inducting two new warships equipped with Brahmos missiles in the India Navy ?

A. USA      B.Russia     C. Israel       D. France

10.Which country To Be Partner Country For 25th DST-CII Technology Summit 2019 ?

A.Netherland      B.Andorra    C.Australia      D.Botswana

11.Who resigns as Film and Television Institute of India Chairman ?

A.Anupam Kher      B.Anil Kapoor    C.Suresh Kumar    D.Deepak Kumar

12.Which of the following UN country is hosting 2 pre meeting before the Climate talks?

A. USA    B.UK    C.India   D. Saudi Arabia

13.Who has stepped down recently from the newly constituted board of Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services (IL&FS)?

A.Arun.K.Saha     B.G.N.Bajpai      C.Kumar Molri       D.A.K. Mathur

14.49th International Film Festival of India, IFFI 2018, will be held in

A. Maharashtra      B. Kerala       C. Tamil Nadu      D.Goa

15.Men’s hockey World Cup 2018 will be held in

A.India       B. Pakistan    C. South Africa    D. Australia

16.Under which provision did the U.S. revoke the duty free imports on 50 Indian products?

A.Generalised System of Preferences (GSP)     B.Goods and Services Tax (GST)

C.Generalised Goods and Products System (GPS)     D.Goods and Preferred Supplies (GPS)

17.SAFAR that records the Capital’s Air Quality Index stands for __________.

A.Status of Air Quality Forecasting and Research

B.System of Air quality predicting Forum and Research

C.System of Air Quality Forecasting and Research

D.System of Air Quality Forum and Research

18.Who presides over the Program and Budget Committee meeting of UNWTO ?

A.Suresh Iyer    B.Krishna Rajan      C.K J Alphons    D. Vijay Bhaskar

19.What type of bonds did RBI permit the Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFC) and Housing Finance Companies (HFC) to issue?

A.Partial Credit Enhancement        B.Investment-grade corporate bonds      C.Mortgage-backed bonds

D.Foreign bonds

20.Which of the following country has secretly initiated talks with the Taliban against bypassing Afghan’s President Ashraf Ghani’s government?

A.US       B.Denmark     C. Russia         D. Pakistan

21.India International Cherry Blossom Festival 2018 will be held IN

A. Mizoram       B. Tripura        C. Assam     D.Meghalaya

22.Which of the following INS will be India’s first decommissioned aircraft carrier that will be turned into a floating museum?

A.INS Shivalik      B.INS Satpura       C.INS Vikrant     D.INS Viraat

23.Which city topped ‘Ease of Moving Index 2018’ according to a study conducted by Ola Mobility Institute?

A. Patna       B. Kolkata      C. Bengaluru     D. New Delhi

24.India, Japan kick off first joint military exercise ‘Dharma Guardian-2018’ in

A.Mizoram       B. Tripura      C. Assam       D.Meghalaya

25.GST-registered Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) can now avail of loan of up to Rs _______ in just 59 minutes.

A.2 Crore       B.25 Lakh      C.50 Lakh      D.1 Crore

26.Which country launches new high-orbit satellite to boost its BeiDou global satellite navigation system?

A. France       B.China       C. Israel      D. Pakistan

27.First ‘Annual Senior Care Conclave Igniting Industry for India’s Ageing Sector’ held in ——- ?

A.New Delhi     B.Chennai     C.Hyderabad     D.Pune

28.Which of the following spacecraft that orbited the two largest objects in the asteroid belt completed its mission?

A.Juno     B.Dawn     C.Insight     D.Opportunity

29.Who has been named as the brand ambassador of 2018 Women’s World Boxing Championships?

A.Mary Kom      B.Laishram Sarita Devi     C.Seema Poonia     D.Vikas Krishan Yadav

30.WHO’s (World Health Organisation’s) First Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health was recently held in

A.Vienna, Austria   B.Paris, France    C.New York, USA    D.Geneva, Switzerland

31.‘Little India Gate’ inaugurated in Indonesia’s which city?

A.Medan    B.Palembang    C.Jambi    D.Surabaya

32.Which state nearly 4000 farmers register online for sale of groundnut under MSP scheme in just two hours on day one?

A.Gujarat     B.Kerala     C.Bihar     D.Tamil Nadu

33.India’s first nuclear-powered submarine _______ has completed its first deterrence patrol recently.

A.INS Sahyadri    B.INS Kalvari     C.INS Chakra  D.INS Arihant

34.Where was the world’s largest marine sanctuary planned to be built?

A.Arctic      B.Iceland     C.Antarctica     D.Cyprus

35.Which of the following country unveiled a sculpture in honour of Indian soldiers who fought during World War I?

A.US    B.UK      C.German    D.France

36.Delhi’s Signature Bridge,the first asymmetrical cable-stayed bridge is built over the which river?

A.Sahibi     B.Ganga       C.Brahmaputra    D.Yamuna

37.Which state records highest school dropouts in India?

A.Meghalaya     B.Tripura      C.Nagaland  D.Assam

38.Which city is Asia’s most sustainable city according to Arcadis ?

A. New Delhi       B.Singapore    C. Islamabad     D. Tokyo

39.Who won the 2018 Gleitsman Award?

A. Kailash Satyarthi      B.Malala Yousafzai      C. Nadia Murad      D. Befeqadu Hailu

40. What is the name of India’s first made-in-India engineless train?

A.Fastrack 18      B.Train 18      C.Quix 18      D. Bullet 18

41. Which organisation publishes the Ease of Doing Business Index every year?

A.United Nations     B.World Economic Forum     C.World Bank      D.International Monetary Fund

42. India’s first Justice City will come up in which of the following cities?

A.Jaipur      B. Kochi       C.New Delhi      D.Amaravati

43. The Ministry of Home Affairs recently approved a Safe City project under the Nirbhaya Fund Scheme for which city?

A.Mumbai      B.Lucknow      C.Indore      D.Jaipur

44.Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched the Union Government’s Support and Outreach Initiative for which sector?

A.MSME      B. Agriculture       C.Defence      D.Transport

45.The world’s largest airport has been unveiled in which country?

A. India      B. US      C.Turkey      D.Japan

46. India recently announced credit support of USD 350 million for two power projects and a drinking water project for which country?

A.Zimbabwe       C.Brazil       C.Bangladesh       D.South Africa

47. Which Indian cricketer was recently officially inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame?

A.Virat Kohli       B.Rahul Dravid       C.Virender Sehwag      D.Ajay Jadeja

48.Which branch of IIT has developed India’s first microprocessor ‘Shakti’?

A. IIT Delhi      B.IIT Mumbai      C. IIT Roorkee      D.IIT Madras

49. Which Indian state is going to become open defecation free by November 15?

A.West Bengal      B.Uttar Pradesh      C.Bihar        D.Jharkhand

50.USITC has ruled against putting an anti-dumping duty on the import of polytetrafluoroethylene from which nations?

A.India, Bangladesh      B.India, China      C.China, Japan       D. Bangladesh, Sri Lanka

51.Which decommissioned carrier will be converted into India’s first-ever maritime museum-cum-marine adventure centre?

A. INS Vahaan      B. INS Vikram       C.INS Viraat      D. INS Vikrant

52. Which Indian port is planning to host an edible oil refinery?

A.Marmagao Port       B.Jawaharlal Nehru Port       C.Cochin Port       D.Tuticorin Port

53. India was re-elected as member of ITU council till 2022 with how many votes?

A.165       B. 145        C.131       D.153

54. The first-ever India-US Dialogue On Intellectual Property (IP) was launched in which city?

A. Mumbai        B.New Delhi      C.New York       D.Washington DC

55.Which state has launched the technology-driven and citizen-friendly ‘Mo bus’ service?

A. Telangana       B.Karnataka       C. Goa       D.Odisha

56. India is planning to resume exporting raw sugar to which nation from early 2019?

A.Nepal      B. Malaysia      C.China       D.Bangladesh

57. India has signed three MoUs on matters relating to Extradition Treaty, Atomic Energy and VISA Waiver with which nation?

A. Maldives      B. Indonesia      C.Switzerland       D.Malawi

58. Which city hosted the first WHO Global Conference on Air Pollution and Health?

A. New Delhi       B. Beijing      C.Kathmandu      D.Geneva

59.Which city hosted the global IT challenge for Youth with Disabilities 2018?

A.Mumbai        B. Bengaluru      C. New Delhi      D.Hyderabad

60.. India signed a loan pact of Rs 18.17 crore for the construction of the Turga Pumped Storage in West Bengal with which country?

A. Japan       B.North Korea       C. Brazil       D.US

61.Where the 33rd ASEAN Summit is being held?

A.India     B.Singapore     C.China     D.Nepal

62. India undertook bilateral naval exercise ‘SIMBEX 2018’ with which nation?

A .Sri Lanka     B.South Korea     C.Singapore     D.Switzerland

63. Which city hosted the Global Cooling Innovation Summit?

A.Beijing      B.New Delhi     C. Kathmandu     D.Colombo

64.The nation has unveiled a bronze statue commemorating role of Indian soldiers in World War I?

A. Germany     B.India     C.France     D.Pakistan

65.The Supreme Court recently approved a separate High Court for which state?

A. Sikkim     B.Bihar     C.Daman & Diu     D. Andhra Pradesh

66.Goa Government recently banned the import of which seafood item for 6 months?

A. Prawns     B.Fishes     C. Lobsters      D.None of these

67. Which country will participate in the ‘Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit’ as a partner country for the second consecutive year?

A.Russia      B. Japan      C.UAE     D.France

68. The multi-modal inland waterways project was inaugurated recently in which city?

A.Bengaluru     B. Varanasi     C.New Delhi      D.Kolkata

69. India procured M777 Howitzers, recently inducted into Indian Army, from which country?

A.United States     B.Japan     C.Russia     D.China

70.Which organisation in November 2018 stripped Aung San Suu Kyifrom its highest honour Ambassador of Conscience Award?

A.Norwegian Nobel Committee     B. UNESCO     C.Amnesty International     D.None of these

71. The UNSC has unanimously agreed to lift sanctions against which nation after nine years?

A. Botswana      B.Burundi      C.Cameroon      D.Eritrea

72.The 26th Conference of Central and State Statistical Organisation has held in which state?

A. Maharashtra     B. Delhi      C.Himachal Pradesh     D.Uttar Pradesh

73. ISRO launched communication satellite GSAT 29 aboard which launch vehicle?


74.Which Indian project won the 2018 UNESCO Asia-Pacific Award in ‘Award of Distinction’ category?

A.LAMO Centre of Ladakh      B. University of Mumbai Library Building

C. Ruttonsee Muljee Jetha Fountain     D. Rajabai Clock Tower

75.As per the US-based National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) report, which Indian city is the most congested one?

A. Delhi     B.Gurgaon      C. Kolkata     D.Bengaluru

76.The South Asian Regional Conference on Urban Infrastructure was held in which city?

A.Delhi     B. Gurgaon     C. Kolkata     D.Bengaluru

77.Which city hosted the World Tolerance Summit 2018?

A.Geneva     B.Dubai     C.New York      D.Stockholm

78.Where was the 17th ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) Council Meeting held?

A.Singapore      B. India     C. Japan     D. Russia

79.. Which of the following was the Partner Country at the 38th India International Trade Fair?

A. Thailand     B.Afghanistan      C.Bhutan     D.Sri Lanka

80.. India’s first multi-modal terminal was inaugurated on which river?

A.Yamuna     B. Brahmaputra      C. Kaveri     D.Ganga

81.Who became the youngest champion of the ATP World Tour Finals in men’s tennis since Djokovic claimed the first of his five titles a decade ago?

A.Alexander Zverev     B. Kevin Anderson     C.Dominic Thiem     D. John Isner

82.India’s first cyber “war room” is going to be set up in which of the following technology institutes?

A. Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur     B. Birla Institute of Technology and Science

C. Bhilai Institute of Technology     D. Bannari Amman Institute of Technology

83. Which state has announced its new Biotechnology Policy?

A.Jharkhand     B.Uttar Pradesh     C.Odisha     D.Telangana

84. According to commercial satellite network ‘Planet’, which statue is visible from space?

A.Statue of Liberty     B.Statue of Unity     C.Spring Temple Buddha     D.Emperors Yan and Huang

85. Which nation’s cabinet has approved a proposal to rejoin the Commonwealth, two years withdrawing?

A. Cameroon     B. Malaysia     C.Maldives     D. Zimbabwe


86. Which city hosted the All India Heads of Police Communication Conference?

A.Kolkata     B. Bengaluru     C. Hyderabad     D.New Delh

87. The 26th General Conference on Weights & Measures was held in which city?

A. Dublin      B. Versailles     C.Stockholm     D. Berlin

88.Which state has passed a bill to give land rights to enclave dwellers?

A.Maharashtra     B. Jharkhand     C.West Bengal     D.Madhya Pradesh

89.Which state has launched an intensive project to conserve Gir lions?

A. Rajasthan    B.Gujarat    C. Punjab      D.Uttar Pradesh

90.Which country plays host to the International prototype of kilogram?

A. US      B.Japan     C. Russia     D.France

91.Erik Solheim resigned as the head of which UN programme, amid audit on his travel expenses?

A. United Nations Development Programme     B. World Food Programme

C. United Nations Environment Programme     D.UN High Commissioner for Refugees

92.Which nation refused to sign UN pact on migration?

A. Ireland     B.Australia     C.New Zealand     D.India

93.The International Cricket Council has rejected which nation’s compensation claim against India?

A.England    B.Pakistan     C. Sri Lanka     D. Bangladesh

94.Which state’s eco-friendly policy has led to an increase of its forest cover by over four per cent since 1993?

A. West Bengal     B.Sikkim    C.Assam    D.Jharkhand

95. ‘Zarya’, the first component of the ISS was launched by which space agency?

A.Roscosmos     B.NASA     C.JAXA     D.ESA

96.Which nation’s spacecraft is used by astronauts to travel to and from the International Space Station?

A.United States     B. Russia     C. United Kingdom     D. Japan

97.President Kovind has unveiled the statue of Mahatma Gandhi in which city?

A.Sydney     B. Kuala Lumpur    C.Jakarta    D.Hanoi

98. Which Indian filmmaker will be honoured with the International Federation of Film Producers Associations (FIAPF) Award?

A.Mira Nair     B.Anurag Kashyap     C. Deepa Mehta     D.Nandita Das

99.Abhijit Bose has been named as the India Head of which messaging application?

A.WhatsApp     B. Hangout     C.WeChat      D.Snapchat

100.The first Indian National Institute of Inter-Faith Studies will be set up in which state?

A. Uttar Pradesh     B.Punjab     C. Telangana     D.Delhi

101.Which state has allowed pregnant woman to vote without standing in queue?

A.Telangana     B.Chhattisgarh     C. Odisha     D.Madhya Pradesh

102.The second edition of India’s Strategic Conclave with this nation will be held on November 27, 2018 in Abu Dhabi.

A.UAE     B.Saudi Arabia     C.Kuwait     D.Dubai

103.Which country has decided to set up its domestic Gold Council?

A.India     B. Bangladesh     C.China     D.Sri Lanka

104.Noted classical musician Ustad Imrat Khan passed away at the age of 83 in the United States on November 22. Which nation does he belong to?

A.Pakistan     B.India     C.Bangladesh     D.Afghanistan

105.Which UN organisation has appointed popular Indian singer Nahid Afrin as the first ‘Youth Advocate’ of the north-eastern region?


106. Which state has launched ‘Bhudaar’ portal to make land records accessible to people?

A. Madhya Pradesh      B.Gujarat     C.Andhra Pradesh     D.Odisha

107.Which airport is going to be renamed after Vajpayee?

A. Jaipur Airport     B.Dehradun Airport     C.Kullu–Manali Airport     D.Kangra Airport

108.A 70 ft tall Lord Buddha’s statue has been unveiled in which state?

A.Gujarat     B. Madhya Pradesh     C.Odisha     D.Bihar

109.Who has won her sixth world championship gold at the 10th World Women’s Boxing Championships?

A.Geeta Phogat     B.Sakshi Malik     C.Mary Kom     D.Dipa Karmakar

110.The 21st round of Special Representatives talks between India and China was held in which city?

A.New Delhi     B.Beijing     C.Mumbai     D.Chengdu

111.Which state come out with lexicons of 21 vanishing tribal languages?

A.Odisha     B.Karnataka     C. Maharashtra     D.Rajasthan

112. A world-class township for autistic children, adults is set to be built in which city?

A.Hyderabad     B.Kolkata     C.Chennai      D.Bengaluru

113.NASA’s InSight spacecraft landed safely on which planet?

A.Mars    B.Moon     C.Venus     D.Saturn

114.The North Sentinal Island is officially a part of which nation’s territory?

A.India     B.Indonesia     C. Malaysia      D.Sri Lanka

115.Which city hosted the India Russia Strategic Economic Dialogue?

A. St. Petersburg     B.Moscow     C.New Delhi     D.Mumbai

116.Who won the FIAPF Award at the 12th Asia Pacific Screen Awards (APSA) 2018?

A.Shobhaa De     B.Gauri Shinde     C.Nandita Das     D.Barkha Dutt

117. Which organisation developed ‘Impact Based Forecasting Approach’ to monitor impact of rain?

A.IMD     B.NASA     C. ISRO     D.SpaceX

118. Which city hosted the 12th World Congress on Mountain Medicine?

A.Shillong     B.Kathmandu     C.Gangtok     D.Colombo

119.Which country will host 50th Union World Conference on Lung Health in 2019?

A.Brazil     B.Japan     C. United States     D.India

120.Who was appointed as the Convenor of the Task Force constituted for drafting a New Direct Tax Legislation?

A.Akhilesh Ranjan     B.Rajiv Memani      C. Mukesh Patel      D.Girish Ahuja

121.India recently signed USD 200 million Loan with which organisation for the Bihar State Highways III Project?

A.ADB      B. World Bank     C.AIIB     D.NDB

122. The West Bengal Green University will soon be renamed after which famous personality?

A. Rani Lakshmibai     B.Rani Rashmoni      C.Netaji     D.Raja Ram Mohan Roy

123. Which city will host the International conference on maternal, newborn and child health?

A.Kuala Lumpur     B.Dhaka     C.Kathmandu     D.New Delhi

124. This disease may be predicted through MRI scans even before the symptoms appear, as per a latest study.

A.Dementia     B.Alzheimer’s     C. Cancer     D.Stroke

125.NASA has managed to conduct how many successful Mars landings?

A.6     B.7     C.8     D.9

126.Which Indian business tycoon has been conferred with the highest French civilian honour?

A.Mukesh Ambani     B. Lakshmi Mittal     C.Azim Premji     D.Dilip Shanghvi

127. Who has been appointed as the new Chairman of UPSC?

A. M. Sathiyavathy     B. Pradeep Kumar Joshi     C.Sujata Mehta     D.Arvind Saxena

128.Which CPSU became a Miniratna in November 2018?

A. BHEL     B.NPCC      C.ONGC     D.BSNL

129.Which bloc among the following has set its goal to be ‘carbon neutral’ by 2050?

A.NATO     B.ASEAN     C. EU     D.SAARC

130. Which country is the partner country at the 2018 International Gita Festival?

A.Mauritius      B.Nepal     C.Bhutan      D.Maldives

131.Who was conferred with the 2018 Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi LTA for Classical Music?

A. Pandit Rakesh Chaurasia     B.Pandit Keshav Ginde      C. Pandit Ram Sharma     D. Kishan

132. India has signed a protocol on hygiene requirements for the export of fish meal, fish oil with which nation?

A.Russia     B.China     C.UK     D.France

133. A section of stairs belonging to which world-class monument got sold for 170,000 euros?

A. Qutub Minar     B.Eiffel Tower     C.The Colosseum     D.Machu Picchu

134.The 49th International Film Festival was held in which state?

A.Goa      B. Delhi     C. Maharashtra     D.Rajasthan

135.Which country hosted the G20 summit 2018?

A.Australia     B.Argentina     C. Russia     D.Denmark

136.Which movie won the coveted Golden Peacock Award at the 49th IFFI 2018?

A.Walking with the Wind      B. Ee Ma Yau      C.When the Trees Fall     D.Donbass

137.The United Kingdom has reached a post-Brexit aviation agreement with which nation?

A.United States     B.France     C.Germany     D.Japan

138.Which state has announced that it will provide free mobile phones to 28 lakh farmers to boost agriculture growth?

A.Chhattisgarh     B. Maharashtra     C.Rajasthan     D.Jharkhand



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