Current Affairs Quiz:October 2018

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1.Who was awarded the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine?

A.Rainer Weiss, Barry Barish, and Kip Thorne        B.Michael Rosbash, and Michael Young

C.Jeffrey Hall and Richard Thaler                        D.J P Allison and Tasuku Honjo

2.Which city hosted the 8th Asian Yoga Sports Championship?

A.Kolkata      B.Hyderabad     C.Thiruvananthapuram        D.New Delhi

3.Who is newly appointed Chairman of the Press Trust of India?

A.Vijay Kumar Chopra      B.Rajat Sharma       C.N.Ravi     D.A KUMAR

4.Who is the chairman of Competition Law Review Committee?

A.I Srinivas       B.D Ray         C.P Chopra       D.MS Sahoo

5.Which high court has issued directions to provide reservation to transgenders in educational institutions?

A.Uttarakhand HC      B.Calcutta  HC       C.Delhi     HC         D.Allahabad HC

6.When is International Day of Non-Violence celebrated globally?
A. October 1    B.October 2    C.October 3     D.October 4

7.When is the 2018 World Habitat Day observed?

A.October 1    B.October 2     C.October 3      D.October 4

8.Who has been appointed as the chief economist of the International Monetary Fund?

A. Gita Gopinath B. Urjit Patel C. Raghuram Rajan D. Amartya Sen

9.Who has been appointed as the president of Hockey India?

A.Mushtaq Ahmed B. Akashdeep Singh C. Fakira Khan D. Rajender Singh

10.Who has been named as the flag bearer for the 3rd youth Olympic games?

A.PV Sindhu B.Manu Bhaker C.Hima Das D.None of these

11.First swachata Mela has recently held in which city?

A.Kolkata B.Delhi C.Mumbai D.Chennai

12.Which state has announced the creation of new district Niwari?

A.Uttar Pradesh B.West Bengal C.Madhya Pradesh D.Bihar

13.Which of the following has become the first stock exchange in India to launch the commodity derivative contracts in gold and silver?

A.National Stock Exchange B.Mumbai Stock Exchange C.Both D.None of these

14.Swachata campus ranking announced by which ministry?

A.Finance Minister B.HRD minister C.Home Minister D.None of these

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