Currnt Affairs in English:July 2018

1.Which state has launched the first digital classroom in India

A.Himachal Pradesh B.Kerala C.Assam D.Tamil Nadu

2.Which airport in India has been the first in customer satisfaction index survey

A.Bengaluru B.Kolkata C.Jaipur D.Mumbai

3.8th India Oman joint Commission meeting held in

A.Muscat B.New Delhi C.Kolkata D.Hyderabad

4.Who has clinched gold at French atletics meet?

A.Harwant Kaur B.Neeraj Chopra C.Hima Das D.Jaswant Singh

5.Which state has approved anti witch hunting bill?

A.Madhya Pradesh B.Chhattisgarh C.Jharkhand D.Assam

6.India’s first greenfield skill training centre is going to come up in

A.Gujarat B. Odisha C.Karnataka D. Uttar Pradesh

7.Which state has given priority to deploy transgender security guards in its shelter homes?

A. Delhi B. Maharashtra C. Karnataka D. Bihar

8. Which country has passed a divisive Jewish nation-state law?

A. Iran B. Yemen C.Israel D.Iraq

9.The Union Cabinet has approved MoU between India and which country for cooperation in the pharmaceutical sector?

A.Myanmar B. Malaysia C.Indonesia D. Sri Lanka

10. The Supreme Court has observed that women have the fundamental right to enter which among the following temples?

A.Tirupati Balaji B. Venkateswara Temple C. Sabarimala D.Guruvayur Temple

 11.Which messenger application has restricted simultaneous message forwarding to five chats in India?

A.WeChat B. Facebook C. Whatsapp D.Hike

12. According to recent UN report, which country has seen a major reduction in HIV infections?

A.India B.Libya C.Bangladesh D.Nigeria

13.Which country became the 68th signatory to the Framework Agreement of the ISA?

A.Maldives B.Sri Lanka C.Myanmar D.Bhutan

14.The UNEP partnered with which technological giant for monitoring impact of human activity on global ecosystem?

A.Google B.Facebook C.Instagram D.Microsoft

15. Rita Bhaduri, who passed away recently, belonged to which field?

A.Journalism B.Poetry C.Sports D.Films

16.India’s rank in global slavery index

A.60 B.125 C.53 D.145

17. Delhi dialogue (India-ASEAN political social and economical engagement) was held in

A. Hyderabad B.Bangalore C.Chennai D. New Delhi

18. Which of the following state has largest solar power generation capacity?

A. Rajasthan B.Andhra Pradesh C.Gujarat D.Karnataka

19. RBI released new 100 rupee currency with motif of Rani ki vav.Rani ki vav is located in

A.Gujarat B.Uttar Pradesh C.Bihar D.Jammu Kashmir

20.Which of the following party had moved by no confidence motion?


21.Which country will host the 4th BIMSTEC Summit 2018?

A.Malaysia B.Myanmar C.Nepal D.Bangladesh

22.Who was named 2017 AIFF Player of the Year?

A.Virat Kohli B.PV Sindhu C.Sunil Chhetri D.Gurpreet Singh Sandhu

23.India’s first advanced system of air quality and weather forecasting has been unveiled in which city?

A.New Delhi B.Bengaluru  C.Mumbai  D.Chennai

24.Which IIT developed an online tool “TreadWill” to help people deal with mental health issues?

A.IIT Kanpur  B.IIT Lucknow C.IIT Roorkee D.IIT Indore

25.Which country recently announced to explore concepts to save Great Barrier Reef?

A.Maldives B.Australia C.Singapore D.Malaysia

26.The GST Council recently exempted which of the following items ?

A.Knitted cap B.Sanitary Napkins C. Medicine D.Rice

27.Which state topped the list of best-governed states as per Public Affairs Index (PAI) 2018?

A.West Bengal B.Kerala  C.Tripura D.Tamil Nadu

28.Tahira Safdar has been named as the first woman chief justice of high court of which nation?

A.Pakistan B.UK C.Bangladesh D.India

29.Which nation’s banks and financial institutions have signed an inter-creditor agreement to speed up resolution of bad loans?

A.Pakistan B.UK C.Bangladesh D.India

30.Name the official mascots of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games?

A.Someity and Zabivaka B.Miraitowa and Someity  C.Keito and Miraitowa

D.Zabivaka and Keito

31.Which city is hosting the BRICS Summit 2018?

A.New Delhi  B.Johannesburg  C.Beijing  D.Moscow

32.Which state recently formed a committee to develop its own film industry?

A.Haryana B.Gujarat C.Uttarakhand D.Odisha

33Which country’s air force will be participating in the Australia’s Pitch Black Exercise for first time?

A.China B.India C.Nepal D.Sri Lanka

34.Which state’s assembly passed amendments to its liquor ban law to stop its misuse?

A.Bihar  B.Jharkhand C.Odisha D.Kerala

35.Which state’s Chief Minister has launched ‘Green Mahanadi Mission’?

A.Maharashtra B.Andhra Pradesh C.Madhya Pradesh D.Odisha

36. Among the BRICS nations, which country was not initially a part of the group?
a) Brazil b) China c) South Africa d) India

37.Which state has announced a new urban sanitation policy?
a) Delhi b) Maharashtra c) Haryana d) Gujarat

38.Which party of Pakistan won the Pakistan Elections 2018?
a) Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz b) Pakistan Peoples party
c) Pakistan Democratic Party d) Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf

39.Name the Indians who won the 2018 Ramon Magsaysay Award?
a) Nileema Mishra and Arvind Kejriwal b) Sanjiv Chaturvedi and Deep Joshi
c) Bharat Vatwani and Sonam Wangchuk d) Harish Hande and Kulandei Francis


40.Which Bollywood actress has been conferred D Litt (Honoris Causa) by West Bengal Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi?

a) Konkona Sen Sharma b) Sharmila Tagore c) Kajol d) Vidya Balan

41.Which Indian shuttler has won the Russian Open Badminton trophy?

a) H S Prannoy b) Sourabh Verma c) B Sai Praneeth  d) Parupalli Kashyap

42.Which state recently signed MoU to build its first Cow Sanctuary?

a) Haryana b) Punjab c) Gujarat  d) Rajasthan

43.Which state government has left out 40.07 lakh people from its final draft of National Register of Citizens?

a) Maharashtra b) Tripura c) West Bengal d) Assam

44.Which state government has decided to take up census for backward classes?

a) Karnataka b) Andhra Pradesh c) Telangana  d) Rajasthan

45.Which Government body has launched ‘Mission Satyanishtha’?

a) Indian Railways b) National Highway Authority of India c) Airports Authority of India d)None of These

46.What was India’s rank in E-Government Development Survey 2018?

a) 66      b) 96     c) 78      d) 101

47.The Central Road and Infrastructure Fund (CRIF) was brought under which Ministry recently?

a) Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways b) Union Ministry of Home Affairs

c) Union Ministry of Commerce  d) Union Finance Ministry

48.Which Bank was awarded as the best performing primary lending institution in credit linked subsidy scheme (CLSS)?

a) HSBC Bank b) HDFC Bank c) ICICI Bank d) IDBI Bank

49.The European Union countries have decided to move the bloc’s anti-piracy headquarters to which nation after Brexit?

a) Portugal   b) Germany    c) Italy   d) Spain

50.Which nation has elevated India’s status to Strategic Trade Authorization-1 (STA-1) country to ease export controls for high-technology product sales?

a) Germany    b) Russia    c) US     d) France


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