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1.The term ‘Scutoid’ refers to
A.Food B.Element  C.Shape  D.Toys

2.Who recently ruled that Assam and NCR Draft cannot be basis of any action?

A.President of India B.Prime Minister of India C.Chief minister of Assam D.Supreme Court of India

3.In which state recently Startup Yatra was launched?
A.Punjab B.Haryana C.Madhya Pradesh D.Chhattisgarh

4.Which state has become the first one to implement Biofuel policy ?
A.Karnataka B.Kerala C.Tamilnadu D.Rajasthan

5.Which city has been proposed for UNESCO World Heritage site?
A.Delhi B.Shimla C.Kashmir D.Jaipur

6.The Union Health Ministry and Ministry of Electronics has signed Mou for
A.Swach Bharat Abhiyan B.Start up India Mission C.Ayushman Bharat Mission D.All of These

7.What is the growth rate of core Industries as on June 2018?

A.6.9    B.4.3    C.6.7   D.4.5

8.PRASHAD Scheme’ is associated with

A.Tourism  B.Textiles   C.Skill Development    D.Solar Pumps and Irrigation

9.Which football club has been recognised by the United Nations as the World’s first certified carbon neutral football club?

A.Forest Green Rovers Football Club   B.PSG Football Club   C.Real Madrid Football Club   D.Liverpool Football Club

10.Consider the following statement with respect to Monetary Policy Committee (MPC)

It can increase or decrease the policy repo rate under the liquidity adjustment facility (LAF)

The Governor of Reserve Bank of India is the chairperson ex officio of the committee

Select the correct statements  A.1 Only   B.2 Only    C.Both 1 and 2    D.Neither 1 nor 2

11.Which country’s cabinet has approved a law that provides for death penalty for those involved in piracy at sea?

A.India    B.Japan   C.Sri Lanka    D.Maldives

12.Which of the following countries is/are hosting the 2018 International Army Games (IAG)?

A.Iran    B.Armenia   C.Russia   D.All of the above

13.Which country has launched the high-resolution earth observation satellite- Gaofen-11?

A.Japan   B.India   C.South Korea   D.China

14.The World Junior Squash Championships 2018 was held in Chennai, from 18th to 29th July 2018. Which men’s team emerged as the 2018 World Junior Squash Champions?

A.England   B.India   C.Egypt   D.Spain

15.Consider the following statements about NASA’s ‘TESS’

1.It is an all-sky survey mission that will discover thousands of exoplanets around nearby bright stars

2.TESS detected its first confirmed exoplanet, a super-Earth named HIP 116454b in 2014

Select the correct statements A.1 Only   B.2 Only   C.Both 1 and 2   D.Neither 1 nor 2

16.Who has held ban on women’s entry in Kerala’s Sabarimala temple as unconstitutional?

A.Supreme Court   B.Kerala Governmen    C.Kerala High Court   D.Delhi High Court

17. Which state will observe Independence Day as Shahid Samman Divas to honour martyrs?

A.Madhya Pradesh    B.Uttar Pradesh    C.Andhra Pradesh    D.Arunachal Pradesh

18.Which of the following has been awarded the ‘Marketer of the Year’ award by the International Advertising Association of India (IAAI)

A.Hindustan Unilever   B.Amul   C.LIC    D.Nestle

19.The debt service ratio in government finance measures

A.Overall public debt liability of the Union Government

B.Contribution of Service sector in debt management of the country

C.Burden of external debt

D.None of the above

20.On August 1, 2018, India imposed safeguard duty on solar panels imported from China and Malaysia for how many years?

A.5     B.3     C.4    D.2

21.Which state government will set up ‘iHub’ for research and scientific learning?

A.Andhra Pradesh    B.Telangana    C.Odisha   D.Tamil Nadu

22. Where was the first ‘Nepal-India Think Tank’ Summit held recently?

A.Kathmandu   B.New Delhi   C.Pokhara   D.Solan

23.NITI Aayog will host an Investors’ Conference for the Holistic Development of Islands in which city?

A.Port Blair    B.Chennai   C.Panaji   D.New Delhi

24.India’s first in-phone tourism guide and mobile application “Go whats That” has launched in which city?

A.New Delhi    B.Pune   C.Chandigarh   D.Lucknow

25.Named the portal launched by the Inland Waterways Authority of India (IWAI) to connect cargo owners and shippers with real time data on availability of vessels?

A.FOCAL (Forum of Cargo-Owners and Logistics-Operators) WConnect

B.CLAP (Cargo-Owners and Logistics-Operators Association Portal) VConnect

26.Who has become the first Asian to swim UK-France channel?

A.Swapan Kumar   B.Prabhat Koli    C.Sharad Tiwari   D.Sourabh Verma

27.The National Highways Authority of India recently signed MoU with which Bank for Long Term Unsecured Loan?

A.IDBI Bank    B.State Bank of India   C.ICICI Bank   D.Union Bank of India

28.On August 1,2018, the Union Cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, cleared the purchase of 51 % controlling stake in IDBI bank by which entity?

A.Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)   B.State Bank of India  C.Reserve Bank of India   D.Aditya Birla Insurance

29.Emmerson Mnangagwa won the Presidential elections in which country?

A.Nigeria   B.Libya  C.Zimbabwe  D.Serbia

30.Corruption Perceptions Index is released by

A.Global Organization of Parliamentarians against Corruption    B.World Economic Forum

C.Association for Social Transparency, Rights and Action (ASTRA)   D.Transparency International

31.Which high level empowered committee has been constituted to address the issues of stressed thermal power projects?

A.Pradeep Kumar Sinha committee   B.Ajit Balaji Joshi committee

C.Dan Singh Rawat committee   D.J H Thomas committee

32.Which Indian film bagged the best film award at the 3rd edition of the BRICS Film Festival 2018?

A.Village Rockstars    B.Sinjar    C.Bhanayakam   D.Newton

33.The US Congress has passed a bill to slash which nation’s defence aid to USD 150 million?

A.Pakistan    B.Israel   C.Palestine   D.India

34.The famous Goddess Meenakshi Amman temple, which has got its first non-Brahmin as ‘archaka’ (priest), is located in which state?

A.Kerala   B.Tamil Nadu   C.Karnataka   D.Andhra Pradesh

35.Blood platelets have been found to be the first line of defence against which infectious human disease?

A.Malaria   B.Tuberculosis    C.Cancer   D.Dengue

36.Which sports team has been added to India’s Asian Games contingent after Delhi HC order?

A.Fencing Team   B.Basketball Team   C.Beach Volleyball Team   D.Boat Racing Team

37.India assisted emergency ambulance service was launched in which country ?

A.Pakistan   B.Bangladesh   C.Srilanka   D.Myanmar

38.The United States has granted Strategic Trade Authorization-1 (STA-1) to which South Asian country to ease export of high-tech items?

A.Maldives    B.India   C.Sri Lanka   D.Pakistan

39.What is the name platform jointly announced by Atal Innovation Mission and MyGov ?

A.InnovateIndia   B.InheritIndia   C.ModerniseIndia   D.MadeinIndia

40.Name the country whose Institute of Banking and Finance MoU with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India was recently approved by the Cabinet?

A.Singapore    B.Bahrain    C.Oman   D.Qatar

40.Which Indian-Australian mathematician has bestowed with the prestigious 2018 Fields medal?

A.C.S. Seshadri    B.Akshay Venkatesh   C.Calyampudi Radha krishna   D.Narendra Karmarkar

42.Which state government has launched a 360 degree nation-wide publicity campaign publicity campaign for 2018 men’s hockey World Cup?

A.Maharashtra    B.Goa    C.Odisha    D.West Bengal

43.Which union ministry has launched a desktop software ‘e-Aksharayan’ to enable editing of text printed on scanned documents?

A.Ministry of Human Resource Development    B.Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology

C.Ministry of Information and Broadcasting    D.Ministry of Science and Technology

44.Which Indian personality has won the 2018 International Contributions Award given by the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT), USA?

A.K Anvar Sadath    B.Kapil Bansal    C.Harish Bhatt   D.P S Mohan

45.Which country has recently launched amnesty programme for foreign workers overstaying permits?

A.Iran   B.UAE    C.Israel   D.Jordon

46.Which of the following statements is/ are correct regarding ease of living index

I. It is an initiative of the ministry of housing and urban affairs

II. Delhi refused to participate in the survey,2018

III. Pune emerged as the top ranked city in the ease of living index

IV. It is a part of sustainable development goals

A.I & II B.I,II & III C. I,III & IV D.All of the above

47.With reference to triple talaq bill consider the following statements

I.Talaq-e-Biddat is a instant triple talaq

II. Instant triple talaq will now be considered a non-bailable, cognisable offence.

III.Under a compoundable offence, both parties have the liberty of withdrawing the case.

IV. Only Kerala will be out of the Ambit proposed law

A.I,II & IV B.II,III & IV C.I,II & III D.All of the above

48.Which of the following gets India’s first all women SWAT team

A.Delhi Police B.Kolkata Police C.Mumbai Police D.Chennai Police

49.The term Uighurs in news refers to

A.Uighurs are a Muslim ethnic minority based in  Xinjiang province

B.Uighurs are a Muslim ethnic minority based in Rakhine State

C.Uighurs are a Muslim ethnic minority based in Israel

D. None of these

50. Which of the following railway station emerge as the cleanest railway station in India

A. Visakhapatnam B. Bengaluru C. Jodhpur D. None of these

51.. Consider the following statements regarding giant metrewave radio telescope (GMRT)

I. It located near Pune,India

II.It is operated by the National Centre for Radio Astrophysics

which of the following statements is/are correct

A.Only I B.Only II C. Both I & II D.Neither I,Nor II

52.India has got its first scientific and most modern national wildlife genetic resource bank, located in

A. Kolkata B. Hyderabad C.Bengaluru  D. Mumbai

53. Which of the following is the world’s first-ever mission to touch the Sun

A. Robotic mission B.Magnetospheric Multiscale Mission  C.Solar and Heliospheric Observatory   D.Parker Solar Probe

54.Which of the following High Court appoints itself legal guardian of cows in state

A.Madras High Court  B.Allahabad High Court  C.Uttarakhand High Court  D.Mumbai High Court

55.Mahadayi river is not located in which of the following state

A.Karnataka B.Kerala C.Goa  D.Maharashtra

56.With reference to the Pitch to MOVE consider the following statements

I.It is organised by NITI Aayog

II. It is organised in collaboration with Invest India & SIAM

III.Its aims to identify and reward the start-ups offering innovative solutions

III.It will help Mobility for India

which of the above statements is are correct

A.I,II & III B.II,III & IV C.I,III & IV D.All of the above

57.Which of the following statements is are correct regarding Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA)

I.It is a statutory body of Ministry of Women & Child Development

II.It functions as the nodal body for adoption of Indian children

III.It is designated as the Central Authority to deal with inter-country adoptions

which of the above statements is are correct

A.I,II & III B.II,III & IV C.I,III & IV D.All of the above

58. ‘aerogel’ is sometime mentioned in the news with reference

I.It looks like a flattened plastic contact lens

II.It is highly resistant to heat

III.It may one day be used to build greenhouse-like habitats for human colonised on Mars.

IV.It could also be used on buildings on Earth to help make huge savings on energy costs.

which of the above statements is are correct

A.I,II & III B.II,III & IV C.I,III & IV D.All of the above

59.consider the following statements

I.U.S. President Donald Trump is planning to create a “space force” or a sixth branch of the American armed forces.

II.In 2007, China destroyed one of its own satellites, in a test of a weapon

III.Russia has tested a missile that could be used to track and destroy satellites.

IV.None of these

which of the above statements is are correct

A.I,II & III B.II,III & IV C.I,III & IV D.All of the above

60.Which of the following statements is are correct regarding ‘New Horizons Mission’

I.It has been travelling through space for the past nine years.

II.It passed Jupiter and used the giant world’s gravity to boost its velocity

III.New Horizon’s core science mission is to to study Pluto’s atmosphere and to take temperature readings.

which of the above statements is are correct

A.I,II & III B.II,III & IV C.I,III & IV D.All of the above




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