Top Current Affairs Quiz 22 May 2019

Current Affairs 22 May 2019

The Current Affairs Quizzes section aims to enhance your General Awareness. The questions are framed from the various newspaper. These quizzes will help aspirants of SSC, Banking, Railway, CLAT, MBA entrance exams, State Civil Services examinations, and other examination.

1. Who among the following has been felicitated by Council of European Chambers of Commerce (CEUCC) for promoting Children Rights?

A. Akshay Kumar      B. Anil Kapoor     C. Priyanka Chopra       D. Amitabh Bachchan

2.Which universities scientist has developed a specialized microscope that can diagnose skin cancer & perform surgeries?

A. University of Toronto     B. Harvard University      C. British Columbia University       D. Oxford University

3.Which of the following countries has suspended the procedure of filling landing cards by travelers from India and other nations?

A. USA       B. Australia       C. China        D. UK

4.Which is the farthest place in universe where NASA’s spacecraft has recently found evidence of water?

A.Ultima Thule        B.Webar Galaxy       C.Giant Gracia        D.None of these

5.Which of the following is the fastest train completed 1 Lakh kilometers without missing single trip?

A. Purvanchal Express       B. Shatabdi Express        C.Vande Bharata Express         D. Amravati Express


6.Which of the following Nation  set Guinness World Records of ‘largest laundry lesson’ with the participation of 400 young men?

A. China        B. India       C. Bangladesh        D. Pakistan

7.Who among the following has been re-elected as the President of Indonesia?

A.Joko Widodo     B.Sandiaga Uno       C.Ma’ruf Amin       D.None of these

8.The Indian Navy recently began the IMCOR exercise with which of the following Nation?

A. Indonesia      B. USA     C. Myanmar     D. Russia

9.Starbucks recently opened ‘silent cafe’ in which country?

A. USA     B. North Korea     C. Japan      D. China

10.Who has successfully scaled Mt. Everest for record 23rd time?

A. Kami Rita Sherpa     B. Bachendri Pal     C.Appa Shepra       D.None of these


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