Basic income works and works well

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Basic income works and works well:UPSC

The outcomes exceeded expectations, partly because everybody in the community, and not just select people, received their own individual transfer. Nutrition improved, sanitation improved, health and health care improved, school attendance and performance improved, women’s status and well-being improved. The position of the disabled and vulnerable groups improved by more than others. And the amount and quality of work improved.

Key Facts:

  • Universal Basic Income is a provision of giving money to all citizens to meet their basic fundamental needs.
  •  Three fundamental features of UBI are: 1. Universality – money to all 2. No conditionalities 3. Agency – direct cash transfer.
  • The international debate on basic income has advanced considerably in the past five years.
  • Experiments have been launched in countries of different levels of per capita income, which include Canada, Finland, Kenya, Namibia, the Netherlands, Spain and the U.S., with plans being drawn up in England, Scotland, South Korea and elsewhere. India could take the lead.
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  •  It has the technological capacity, the financial resources and, above all, the need for a simple, transparent scheme to liberate the energies of the masses now mired in economic insecurity, deprivation and degradation.
  •  What administrators often do not appreciate enough is that money is fungible.
  •  If money is given only to women, men will demand a share; some women will give in, some will resist; it will be divisive.
  •  We found in the pilots that if men and women all have an equal individual amount, it promotes better and more equal gender relations.
  •  Moreover, giving to all in the community fosters solidarity within households and the wider community, apart from enabling multiplier effects in the local economy.

Source:The Hindu


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