BJD symbol promotes folk dance form

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Biju Janata Dal(BJD) election symbol has become a catalyst for promotion of a traditional folk dance form named ‘Jodi Sankha’ from Ganjam district.

Key Facts:

  • Jodi Sankha is a unique folk dance of Ganjam District, Odisha.
  • Jodi Sankha’ troupes are used as identity of the BJD  during election rallies.
  • These troupes are much in demand from all over the State.
  • In colorful dresses artists constantly carry two connected coaches through their performance.
  • Conch or ‘sankha’ is a salient feature of the ‘Jodi Sankha’ troupes due to which they are much sought after during the BJD rallies.
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  • “Conch blow” is a unique performing art which require immense stamina and rhythm of an artist. this art is performed individually as well as in groups on various suspicious occasions, social functions, festivals, temple rituals etc.
Source:The Hindu

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