Climate Change may hit India’s Wind power

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A study researchers from Harvard University, U.S., and National Climate Center in Beijing, China has found the potential electricity production of windmills across India had decreased by about 13%.

Key Facts:

  • Increased warming in the Indian Ocean and the resultant weakening of the Indian summer monsoon may impact India’s goal of leading the world’s wind power generation.
  • The researchers showed that 63% of the annual production of electricity from wind is contributed by winds in spring (March-May) and summer (June-August). Interestingly, they found a decrease in wind power during these months.
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  •  This could be due to the weakening of the Indian summer monsoon during this period.
  • Summer winds in India are driven by the temperature contrast between the Indian subcontinent and the Indian Ocean, and the warming in the Indian Ocean reduced this contrast.Also, warming of the Equatorial Indian Ocean resulted in a decline in the wind speed.

Source:The Hindu


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