Delhi Metro Becomes India’s 1st Project To Receive Power From Waste-To-Energy

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The Delhi Metro has become the first ever Metro project in the country to receive power generated from a waste-to-energy plant.

Key Facts:

  • The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has started receiving 2 MW power from a 12 MW capacity plant in Ghazipur.
  • The plant will mitigate over 8 million tons of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) over the life of the project
  • The waste-to-energy plant set up by East Delhi Waste Processing Company Limited (EDWPCL) is based on a Public Private Partnership (PPP) involving the Delhi government and East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC), besides the EDWPCL.
  • Currently, DMRC is producing 28 MW of solar power from the various rooftop solar power plants, which have been set up in its stations, depots and residential premises.

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