Doubling Farmers’ Income(DFI) Significance,Challenges and way to forward

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Doubling Farmers’ Income:UPSC IAS

The government is in the process of setting up a panel to monitor the implementation of the recommendation of the Doubling Farmers’ Income (DFI) committee. The government had appointed an expert committee headed by Ashok Dalwai in 2016 to glimpse into the entire agriculture ecosystem in the nation to recommend techniques and signifies to reform it so that farmers’ revenue can be doubled by 2022.

Doubling Farmers’ Income (DFI):

  • The Committee on Doubling Farmers Income (DFI) has called for an overhaul of the registration process for crop inputs like pesticides to ensure speedy availability of patented and off-patent agri-inputs in the country.
  • The committee calls for a comprehensive policy on products sold as ‘organics’, ‘biostimulants’ as these are currently sold without any proper regulatory mechanism.


  • The speedy and increased interest will be offered to tapping of the lower-hanging fruits in generation and publish-production phases of agriculture.
  • Collectively with supervising and monitoring, it will even handhold all those associated in utilizing the suggestions.
  • Utilization of inputs at the most optimal level makes the agricultural value system more effective, efficient and sustainable.
  • Resource use efficiency brings long term positive transformation in farmers’ income and the agricultural economy.


  • Committee’s comprehensive policy on products sold as ‘organics’, ‘biostimulants’ as these are currently sold without any proper regulatory mechanism.
  • These are not recommended by any scientific body for usage in pest management, active ingredients in these products are not disclosed, keeping both the user and the subject experts in dark.
  • Many a time, these organic products are used along with the other synthetic insecticides as single application.
  • Further, as the nature of the molecule is not known, it also puts the consumer at serious risk on account of pesticide residues.

Way Forward:

  •  The local manufactures should also be encouraged to export, so that they can afford to sell at lower price in the domestic market by way of cross subsidisation to an extent.
  • There is a need to encourage local production of the new molecules with patents to reduce the cost per unit for the farmer.

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