Google launches Bolo to tutor children to read Hindi and English

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Tech giant Google has launched ‘Bolo’ app to help students with their reading and comprehension skills and will help them read out aloud in English and in Hindi.

Key Facts:

  • This app uses Google’s speech recognition and text-to-speech technology.
  • The app features an animated character Diya, who encourages children to read stories aloud and helps if the child is unable to pronounce a word.
  • It lauds the reader when he/she completes the reading, also works offline.
  • The Bolo app will be available on Google Play Store in India for all smartphones.
  • The children can access to close to 100 stories in Hindi and English to read out loud and improve their reading skills.
  • Google piloted the Bolo app in about 200 villages in Uttar Pradesh and the early results are very encouraging with 64 percent of children showing an improvement in reading proficiency in just three months
  • Lack of reading ability can significantly impact further education, and ultimately children’s ability to realise their full potential.
  • Limited access to quality material, under-resourced infrastructure, and barriers to learning outside the classroom are some of the challenges that children often face

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