In a first, Air Force commissions aerial surveillance

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The Indian Air Force (IAF) has commissioned the development of an aerial surveillance system for monitoring suspicious moments under dense foliage cover along the international border and some parts within the country through hyper spectral imagery programme.

Key Facts:

  • This hyper spectral imagery programme, a first for the nation, looks to find and recognize suspicious movements and is required to be operational in the following two years.
  • Hyper spectral imaging (HSI), also known as imaging spectroscopy or 3D spectroscopy, combines imaging and spectroscopy into a single system.
  •  With a high resolution measurement of spectral signatures, HSI is able to provide critical information of the target. Thus it is useful for various scientific and industrial applications including surveillance as well as for food safety and disease diagnosis.
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  • Researchers will gather data through spectral imaging and would be able to tell security forces on the ground of “unwanted” human presence in the area, their numbers and locations, among other inputs.
  •  It will help detect or identify the presence of a human below trees, dense foliage, shrubs or inside a structure, whether it is day or night. It can detect human presence from air even if there a cloud cover, dense fog or snow cover

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