India, Pak. move towards release of civilian prisoners

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Exchange of list of prisoners between India and Pakistan

India and Pakistan today exchanged, through diplomatic channels simultaneously at New Delhi and Islamabad, the lists of civilian prisoners and fishermen in their custody. This is in keeping with the provisions of the 2008 Agreement under which such lists are exchanged on 1st January and 1st July, every year.


  • In July,Pakistan has shared with India list of 53 civilian prisoners and 418 fishermen in its custody, who are Indians or believed to be Indians. India handed over to Pakistan list of 249 civilian prisoners and 108 fishermen from Pakistan lodged in Indian jails.
  • In the latest exchange, Pakistan to expedite response in the cases of 80 Pakistan prisoners who have completed their sentences and await repatriation for want of nationality confirmation by Pakistan, after India handed over a list of 249 civilian Pakistani prisoners and 98 fishermen in its custody.
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  • Out of the total number of Indian prisoners in Pakistan, Delhi has asked Islamabad to release 17 Indian civilian prisoners and 369 Indian fishermen whose nationality has been confirmed.
  • The exchange of lists comes despite continued military tension, which has, however, not dampened humanitarian moves by both sides.
  • In December 2018, Pakistan sent back Indian prisoner Hamid Nehal Ansari who had completed both regular and irregular prison terms. India subsequently released Pakistani Imran Warsi, who was awaiting repatriation after serving a jail term.



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