International Rice Research Institute’s South Asia Regional Centre

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday inaugurated the International Rice Research Institute’s South Asia Regional Centre (ISARC) campus in Varanasi. The centre will serve as a hub for rice research and training in South Asia.

About IRRI:

  • IRRI is an independent, nonprofit, research and educational institute, founded in 1960 by the Ford and Rockefeller foundations with support from the Philippine government.
  • The institute, headquartered in Los Baños, Philippines, has offices in 17 rice-growing countries in Asia and Africa, and over 1,000 staff.
  • The International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) is the world’s premier research organization dedicated to reducing poverty and hunger through rice science; improving the health and welfare of rice farmers and consumers; and protecting the rice-growing environment for future generations.


  • South Asia, an important beneficiary of IRRI’s work, leads on global rice production, with India being the second largest rice producer and the first largest exporter in the world.
  • The Centre will help in utilizing the rich biodiversity of India to develop special rice varieties.
  • This will help India to achieve higher per hectare yields and improved nutritional contents. India’s food and nutritional security issues will also be addressed.
  • The Centre will support in adopting value chain based production system in the country.
  • This will reduce wastage, add value and generate higher income for the farmers.
  • The farmers in Eastern India will benefit in particular, besides those in South Asian and African countries.

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