Karen Uhlenbeck: First woman to win Abel Prize for maths

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Renowned American mathematician Karen Uhlenbeck (76) became first women to be awarded prestigious Abel Prize 2019. She was awarded for her fundamental work in geometric analysis and gauge theory, which has dramatically changed mathematical landscape.

About Karen Uhlenbeck & Abel Prize:

  • Her mathematics theories have revolutionised understanding of minimal surfaces, such as those formed by soap bubbles, and more general minimisation problems in higher dimensions.
  • She has developed tools and methods in global analysis, which are now in toolbox of every geometer and analyst. She is also strong advocate for gender equality in science and mathematics.
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  • The Abel Prize is a Norwegian prize awarded annually by the King of Norway to one or more outstanding mathematicians.
  • It is awarded annually on outstanding mathematicians by by Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.
  • Abel Prize is one of world’s top prizes in mathematics and is often considered as maths equivalent of Nobel Prize, which has no prize for mathematics.

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