Life on the Limi Triangle

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The valley is located in a remote location and is not well connected to the Nepal Side.However, it is well connected by road with China. Due to this, the entire economy of the Limi Valley is dependent on the China.

Key Facts:

  • Limi valley is a trans-Himalayan valley located in north-western Nepal. It consists of 3 villages which are situated along the Karnali River.
  •  It is situated close to the tri-junction of India, Nepal and China. Due to its geo-strategic location, this valley was at centre of thriving trade between India and Tibet in the past.
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  • The centuries old trade has resulted into unique tradition and culture of the people in this region.
  •  Even though, it is located in Nepal, its cultural traditions are similar to Tibetan communities. For example, even today, the people of this valley practice fraternal polyandry which is largely associated with agrarian Tibetan communities.
  • A large number of youths of this valley get educated in free Tibetan schools in India.Hindi is one of the commonly spoken language in this region.

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