Mizoram Assembly passes bill to detect illegal foreigners

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The Mizoram Assembly has unanimously passed a bill that seeks to detect foreigners illegally residing in the northeastern state, that shares an over 700-km border with Bangladesh and Myanmar.

Key Facts:

  • It aims to create registers containing the names, details and photographs of every resident of the state, on a household basis, in an effort to detect illegal foreigners staying and “eating away” benefits of development schemes.
  • It defines “citizens” as a person registered as such, or having requisite qualification as prescribed under the Citizenship Act, 1955.
  • It had resulted in abnormal increase in the population which posed a serious threat to law and order as well as the state’s internal security.
  • The Bill says that all government departments and police may use the household registers for administrative purposes, during implementation of development schemes and law enforcement.
  • As per the Bill, it shall be the responsibility of every householder as well as every member of household in the state to furnish all such information, particulars and passport-size photographs of the members of the household as may be required by the registering authorities,”
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  • Once the information prescribed by the state government is received, the concerned registering authority will compile the details in two distinct registers- one for the citizen residents and another for non-citizen residents of a village/area/town.
  • Information furnished by individuals for the registers would be “verified and counter-signed by the president of the local branch of the state-level NGOs as may be designated by the state government from time to time”.

Source:The Hindu


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