No integrity pact in other deals too

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Responding to the new revelations in the Rafale fighter deal with France,former Indian Air Force (IAF) official who headed the Indian Negotiating Team (INT) on the deal said there were no anti-corruption clauses even in the Inter-Governmental Agreements (IGA) with Russia and the U.S.

Key Facts:

  • The Integrity Pact (IP) is a powerful tool developed by Transparency International (TI) to help governments, businesses and civil society fight corruption in public contracting.
  • It consists of an agreement between a government department and all bidders for a contract. The IP sets out their rights and obligations to the effect that neither side will pay, offer, demand or accept bribes or collude with competitors to obtain the contract, or while carrying it out.
  • It has provided basic guidelines for its implementation in respect of major procurements in the Government Organizations. It has also issued Standard Operating Procedure spelling out all the details.
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  • India has earlier concluded several IGAs with Russia and with the US through the Foreign Military Sales (FMS) programme of the U.S. department of Defence.
  • The Russian proposal in the VVIP helicopter deal fell through because they declined to give an integrity pact. All the FMS procurements with the U.S. do not have integrity pact.
  • The ill-famed VVIP chopper deal had private companies in the race and was done through the Defence Procurement Procedure (DPP) in which eventually AgustaWestland was shortlisted. But the deal was later cancelled due to allegations of corruption.

Source:The Hindu


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