Officials allow some persons to cast ‘tendered’ votes in T.N.

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The presiding officer has allowed a first-time voter in Tamil Nadu to cast a tendered vote when their votes had already been cast but they were not left disappointed and had a chance to cast a ‘tendered’ vote.

About Tendered Votes:

  • Tendered Vote/Ballot comes into play in exceptional circumstances whenever a registered voter comes to know that his rightful vote has been utilized by some other person before him.
  • Section 49P of The Conduct of Elections Rules, 1961 deals with the concept of Tendered Vote/Ballot
  • A tendered ballot paper is the same as the ballot paper displayed on the balloting unit, except that it will be endorsed (either stamped or written) with the words ‘Tendered Ballot Paper’ on the back.
  • It may happen that a person representing himself to be a particular elector (voter) comes forward to vote after some other person h as already voted as such elector.
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  • In that case, if the Presiding Officer is satisfied with the identity of such person to be the real voter after necessary questioning, he will permit such voter to vote by means of a tendered ballot paper, but not by means of the voting machine.

Source: The Hindu

Probable Question:

Consider the following statements with regards to ‘Tendered Vote’

I. Tendered Votes have been defined under Conduct of Election Rules, 1961, Section 49P.

II. Tendered votes will come to rescue of those whose vote has been cast by someone else.

III. The person to cast tendered vote would be provided electronic voting machines(EVM)

Which of the following statement’s is/are true?

A. I and II

B. II and III

C. I and III

D. All of these




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