Time to recognise Israeli hold over Golan Heights

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US President has announced that it is time for U.S to fully recognize Israel’s sovereign right over Golan Heights.

About Golan Heights

  • Golan Heights belonged to the territory of Syria until 1981 when Israel captured it.
  • It was a unilateral annexation and was not recognized by international community
  • Syria demands its return from Israel.

Key Facts:

  • Israel calls it as a buffer zone to protect its territory from the spillover effect of Syrian civil war.
  • Israel also fears that Iran, an ally of Syrian president Assad may permanently station itself at
    Golan Heights.
    ✓ Both Israel and Syria are willing to capture water resource and fertile region of Golan Heights.
    ✓ Israel and Syrian side is separated from each other by a 400sqKm Area of Separation often
    called a demilitarized zone.
    ✓ The area is dominated by Druze, who are Arab minority and are basically loyal to Assad
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Source:The Hindu


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