Yanadis in Krishna enroll in bulk, to vote for the first time

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A group of 10 unsung volunteers has helped almost 2,000 fellow Yanadi tribal people to enrol as voters, enabling them to exercise their right to franchise in the general elections 2019.


  • Yanadis are one of the major scheduled tribes of Andhra Pradesh. They are predominantly spread over the districts of Nellore, Chittoor, Kadapa and Prakasam districts. Their mother tongue is Telugu.
  • Yanadis are non-vegetarians and eat the meat of rabbit, fowl, goat; sheep fish etc, but abstain from eating beef. Yanadis mainly subsist on agricultural labour. They are traditionally inland fishermen and are also engaged as watchmen in the fields and orchards of farmers. Collection of firewood, rickshaw pulling, rodents catching etc., constitutes secondary occupation of the Yanadis.
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  • The Yanadi share some cultural, linguistic and racial features with other indigenous communities of south India. However, these are largely speculations without any solid evidence. On the contrary, the Yanadi maintain their identity and do not claim explicit connections with other communities.
  • During the fieldwork, it is observed that some Yanadi ascertain that Yanadi, Chenchu and Irula are one and the same.
  •  The Yanadi are sometimes looked down upon due to the practice of menial jobs. In order to alleviate the stigma, they equate themselves with Chenchu or Irula who are basically forest dwelling hunter-gatherers and do not suffer any caste discrimination.

Source:The Hindu



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