The Hindu Monthly Vocabulary PDF

The Hindu Vocabulary December 2018

3rd December 2018 (Download pdf )

  1. Unravel(verb): सुलझाना/স্পষ্ট করা/undo

Synonyms:Untangle,Disentangle, Straighten out

Antonyms: Entangle, TangleComplicate

Example: he cut the rope and started to unravel its strands

  1. Posit (Verb): किसी स्थिति में रखना/যথাস্থানে রাখা/Put forward as fact or as a basis for argument.

Synonyms: Postulate, Put forward, Advance, Propound

Antonyms: Abstain, Be honest, Disbelieve

Example: The need to posit this generalization is further evidence in support of a movement analysis of these constructions.

  1. Mere (Adjective): मात्र/মাত্র/used to emphasize how small or insignificant someone or something

Synonyms: Trifling, Meagre, Bare, Trivial, Paltry

Antonyms: Decorated, Indefinite, Uncertain

Example: His stomach rebelled at the mere thought of food

4. Contextualize (Verb) : प्रासंगिक बनाएं/প্রাসঙ্গিক করা/Place or study in context.

Synonyms: Doctrine, Philosophy, School of thought

Antonyms: Unbelief Imitation Pluralism Internationalism

Example: the excellent introduction summarizes and contextualizes Bowen’s career

  1. Evict (Verb): बेदख़ल करना/ উচ্ছেদ করা/ Expel (someone) from a property, especially with the support of the law.

Synonyms: Expel, Eject, Oust, Remove, Dislodge

Antonyms: Admit

Example: A single mother and her children have been evicted from their home.

6. Discernible (Adjective) : नमूदार/ লক্ষণীয় /Able to be discerned; perceptible.

Synonyms: Visible, Detectable, Noticeable, Perceptible

Antonyms: Imperceptible

Example: The scandal had no discernible effect on his career.

7. Strident (Adjective) : कठोर/ কঠোর/Presenting a point of view, especially a controversial one, in an excessively forceful way.

Synonyms: Harsh, Raucous, Rough, Grating, Rasping, Jarring

Antonyms: Soft, Dulcet

Example: His voice had become increasingly strident.

  1. Depiction (Noun): चित्रण/ চিত্রণ/Portray in words; describe.

Synonyms: Describe, Detail, Relate, Narrate, Recount

Antonyms: Hide, Conceal, Suppress, Confuse

Example: the painting’s horrific depiction of war.

  1. RENEGADE (ADJECTIVE): आवारा)/ ধর্মমত বা দলতা্যাগকারী ব্যক্তি/ a person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.

Synonyms: difficult, resistant

Antonyms: obedient, dutiful

Example Sentence: an agent who later turns out to be a renegade

10. BROACH (VERB):चचाउठाना/ উঠI/raise (a difficult subject) for discussion.

Synonyms: bring up, moot

Antonyms: take back, deny

Example:The parents of the boy did not even broach the issue of marriage with Renee

4th December 2018 (Download pdf )

1.Reiterate (Verb) — बार बार दुहराना/ পুনরাবৃত্তি করা /state or do over again or repeatedly sometimes with wearying effect

Synonyms: Chime, Din, Iterate, Rehearse, Repeat

Antonyms: Tale back

Example: She reiterated that the government would remain steadfast in its support

  1. Semblance(Noun)समानता/ আভাস /The outward appearance or apparent form of something, especially when the reality is different.

Synonyms: Charade, Disguise, Masquerade, Playacting

Antonyms: Bluntness, Candidness, Candor, Directness

Example: It bears some semblance to the thing I have in mind

  1. Remuneration(Noun) पारिश्रमिक/Money paid for work or a service.

Synonyms: Payment, Pay, Salary, Wages, Earnings

Antonyms: Underpayment

Example: Most start by understating the problem of remuneration, some going as far as volunteering for unpaid work.

  1. Palpable(Adjective)— अवधारणात्मक/of a feeling or atmosphere so intense as to seem almost tangible.

Synonyms: Perceptible, Perceivable, Visible, Noticeable, Appreciable

Antonyms: Intangible, Imperceptible

Example: Corruption in public life is palpable evidence of the absence of the rule of law.

  1. 5. Distort(Verb)विकृत करना/বিকৃত করা /Give a misleading or false account or impression of.

Synonyms: Misrepresent, Pervert, Twist, Falsify, Misreport, Misstate

Antonyms: Accurate

Example: Many factors can distort the results

  1. Truce(Noun) — युद्धविराम संधि/ সাময়িক যুদ্ধবিরতি/An agreement between enemies or opponents to stop fighting or arguing for a certain time.

Synonyms: Ceasefire, Armistice Respite, Lull, Moratorium

Antonyms: Fighting, Hostilities

Example: The guerrillas called a three-day truce

  1. Albeit(Con.) यद्यपि/ যদিও/ In spite of the fact that

Synonyms: though, even though, however

Example: He too wanted to replace animals, albeit only when this could be done without forgoing the real benefits of research.

  1. Apprehension (noun) –  शंका/ আশঙ্কা/ anxiety or fear that something bad or unpleasant will happen

Synonyms: anxiety, angst, alarm, worry, uneasiness, unease, nervousness

Antonyms: confidence,trust,belief

Example: There is some apprehension in the office about who the new director will be

  1. protectionist (adjective)- व्यापार रक्षा वादी/ সংরক্ষণনীতির সমর্থক/ protectionist laws or methods are intended to help a country’s trade or industry

Example: The government has labelled many critics of its booming exports as trade protectionists.

  1. Amicable(Adjective) — मैत्रीपूर्ण/ বন্ধুত্বপূর্ণ/ Characterized by friendliness and absence of discord.

Synonyms: Friendly, Good-natured, Cordial, Civil, Courteous

Antonyms: Unfriendly, Hostile

Example: I can tell you that the meeting was professional, efficient and amicable.

5th December 2018 (Download pdf)

1.Hullabaloo(Noun) कोलाहल / হৈচৈ/disturbance usually in protest

Synonyms:    fuss, commotion, uproar, hubbub, outcry, furore, ruckus, ado, palaver, brouhaha, hue

Antonyms: convenience

Example: I am rather surprised that there has been all this hullabaloo on behalf of cyclists against the proposed arrangement.

  1. Vigour(Noun)ताक़त/ তেজ/strength of thought, opinion, expression, etc.

 Synonyms: strength, energy, or enthusiasm

Antonyms: weakness, listlessness, lethargy

Example: They set about the new task with vigour

3.Durable (Noun) —टिकाऊ/ টেকসই/able to withstand wear, pressure, or damage; hard-wearing.

Synonyms: Long-lasting, hard-wearing, heavy-duty, tough, resistant, strong, sturdy, stout,

Antonyms: Flimsy, delicate, short-lived

Example: We encourage families to obtain durable power of attorney for health care for their demented relatives and avoid the cost and procedures of guardianship.

4. Ebb and flow— घटाव-बढ़ाव/পতন এবং উন্নতি/the way in which the level of something regularly becomes higher or lower in a situation

Example: You have to accept the ebb and flow of love in a relationship.

5. Streamlined (Verb)सुधार/উন্নত /make (an organization or system) more efficient and effective by employing faster or simpler working methods.

 Synonyms: Efficient, smooth-running, well run, well organized, slick

Antonyms: Inefficient

Example: Thanks to new technologies, manufacturing has become more flexible, streamlined, and efficient, and has resulted in a higher quality of product.

6. Hoards (Noun) — संग्रहीत वस्तुओं/ভাণ্ডার/a stock or store of money or valued objects, typically one that is secret or carefully guarded.

Synonyms: Cache, stockpile, stock, store, collection, supply, reserve, reservoir, fund, accumulation

Antonyms: Fighting, Hostilities

Example: Both are of great value and can be either hoarded or distributed.

  1. Nudge (Verb) कुहनी से हलका धक्का/কনুইদ্বারা মৃদু গুন্তা/prod (someone) gently with one’s elbow in order to attract attention.

Synonyms: poke, elbow, dig, prod, jog, jab, but.

Example: People were nudging each other and pointing at me.

8.Consolidation (Noun) – समेकन/একীকরণ/the action or process of making something stronger or more solid.

Synonyms: Intergration; concentration; concretion;

Antonyms: Separation, segregation

Example: The takeovers came amid a wave of consolidation as the so-called Big Oil companies gobbled up competitors.

  1. Presumably (Adverb)- शायद/সম্ভবতঃ/ used to convey that what is asserted is very likely though not known for certain.

Synonyms: Probably, assume, expect, believe

Example: They can presumably afford to buy a bigger apartment.

10.Incumbent (Adjective) —  निर्भर/বাধ্যতামূলক / necessary for (someone) as a duty or responsibility.

 Synonyms:Binding, obligatory, mandatory, necessary, compulsory, required, requisite, essential, imperative


Example: In this situation it was equally possible that other interested parties might want to strengthen the international reputation of the incumbent government.

6the December 2018 (Download pdf)

1.Impaired (ADJECTIVE): बिगड़ा हुआ)/ হত /affected by alcohol or drugs to the extent of losing control over one’s faculties or behaviour.

Synonyms: faulty, flawed

Antonyms: perfect, unbroken

Example: However, children with autism also were impaired on the delayed response task.

  1. 2. Bolster(Verb): सिलेंडर का काम करना/মদত দেওয়া/ provide (a seat) with padded support

Synonyms: Strengthen, Support, Reinforce

Antonyms: Undermine

Example: I snuggled down into the heavily bolstered seat.

  1. Obloquy (NOUN): अपमान/ অবমাননা/ strong public condemnation

Synonyms: aspersion, censure

Antonyms: approval, exaltation

Example : No matter with what good intentions he paves his path, he will finish in obloquy.

  1. Prudence(Noun):  विवेक/দূরদর্শিতা The quality of being prudent; cautiousness.

Synonyms: Wisdom, Judgement, Good judgement

Antonyms: Folly, Recklessness

Example: The challenge we are trying to meet is balancing financial prudence with the need for success.

  1. Balmy (ADJECTIVE): सौम्य/সুবাসিত /characterized by pleasantly warm weather

Synonyms: moist, tropical

Antonyms: balanced, inclement

Example: Everything seems so green and balmy, and the people are cheerful.

  1. Funnel(Verb): कीप /ফানেল/Guide or channel (something) through or as if through a funnel.

Synonyms: Channel, Guide, Feed, Direct, Convey

Antonyms: Scatter, Splurge

Example: Folding funnels and energy landscapes of larger proteins within the capillarity approximation.

  1. Buttress(Verb): टेक/ আলম্ব/Increase the strength of or justification for; reinforce.

Synonyms: Strengthen, Reinforce, Fortify, Support

Antonyms: Undercut, Undermine, Weaken

Example: The movement’s robust aura is buttressed at times by rasguado and golpe sounds,32 character features of the flamenco guitar.

  1. Prognosis(Noun): पूर्वानुमान /পূর্বাভাস /A forecast of the likely outcome of a situation.

Synonyms: Forecast, Prediction, Projection, Prognostication

Antonyms: Calculation, Measurement

Example: I was reading a gloomy economic prognosis in the paper this morning.

  1. Abrogate (VERB): अभिनिषेध करना/ উচ্ছেদ করা /repeal or do away with (a law, right, or formal agreement).

Synonyms: annul, invalidate

Antonyms: approve, permit

Example : The new tariff broke this ceiling and the distribution agreement abrogated.

7th December 2018(Download pdf)

1.Proximate (Adjective) — निकटस्थ/ অব্যবহিত / (Especially of the cause of something) closest in relationship; immediate.

Synonyms:  Approaching, Coming, Forthcoming, Imminent

Antonyms: Bygone, Erstwhile, Foregone, Former

Example: The proximate cause of the disaster was a piece of metal lying on the runway.

2.Condone (Verb)- माफ करना/ ক্ষমা করা/ accept (behaviour that is considered morally wrong or offensive)

Synonyms: forget, forgive

Antonyms: deny, refuse

Example: In this spontaneous mass reaction thesis, the state’s inaction during the violence gets condoned.

3.Gratify (Verb) — कृतार्थ करना/ বাসনা চরিতার্থ করা/give (someone) pleasure or satisfaction.

Synonyms:   please, gladden,  delight, make someone feel good, satisfy

Antonyms: displease,          frustrate

Example: We were gratified by the response to our appeal.

4.Contrivance (Noun): युक्ति/ কৌশল/ plan

Synonyms: ruse, gimmick

Antonyms: ignorance, disorganisation

Example: In spite of the clear benefit with the use of ‘unreal’ examples, there is a persistent prejudice against such contrivance.

5.Totter (Verb) — लड़खड़ाते हुए चलना/ টলমল করা /move in a feeble or unsteady way.

Synonyms: teeter, walk unsteadily, stagger, wobble, stumble

Antonyms: controlled, firm, settled, stable, steady.

Example: The economic damage to those tottering on the brink may well push them over the edge.

6.Unconscionable(Adj.)- अनुचित /অযৌক্তিক / not right or reasonable.

Synonyms: uncivilized, unethical

Antonyms: cultured, civilized

Example: I am told that the delays are in some cases quite unconscionable.

7.Competent (Adjective) — सामथर्यवान/Having the necessary ability, knowledge, or skill to do something successfully.

Synonyms: Capable, Able, Proficient, Adept, Adroit.

Antonyms: Incompetent,  Inadequate.


8.Encroach (Verb)-अतिक्रमण करना / অনধিকার প্রবেশ করা /intrude on (a person’s territory, rights, personal life, etc.).

Synonyms: intrude, infringe

Antonyms: keep off, ignore

Example: He comes to the door while “we” are vegging out the next morning on the sofa (2, line 7), thus encroaching on the students’ territory.

9.Tardy (Adjective) – अपेक्षित समय से विलंबित/ শ্লথ /Delaying or delayed beyond the right or expected time; late.

Synonyms: Crawling, Creeping, Dallying, Dawdling, Dilatory

Antonyms: Early, Inopportune, Precocious, Premature

Example: Its tardy arrival focuses our attention on our responsibility, and on promotion of health and prevention of disease.

10.Embezzle (Verb)-पचाना /তসরুফ করা / steal or misappropriate (money placed in one’s trust or belonging to the organization for which one works).

Synonyms: forge, swindle

Antonyms: reimburse, compensate

Example: She embezzled thousands of dollars from the charity.

8th December 2018(Download Now)


1.Kibble (Verb)- टुकड़े टुकड़े करना /বালতি/ grind or chop (beans, grain, etc.) coarsely.

Synonyms: crumble, grate

Antonyms: build, liberate

Example : One uses the expression “kibble” in relation to chalk.

2.Flare-up (noun) — भड़कना/ জ্বলে উঠা /A sudden outburst of something, especially violence or hostility.

Synonyms: Blow up, Flip (out)

Antonyms: Calm (down), Simmer down

Example: There was another flare-up of rioting later that day.

3.Frail(Adj.)- अनैतिक/ দুর্বলতাগ্রস্ত/ (of a person) weak and delicate

Synonyms: breakable, feeble

Antonyms: hearty, strong

Example: The female matron at this time had duties of a more domestic and maternal nature, especially towards the ill and frail inmates.

4.Jocular(Adj.)- रसिक /হাস্যজনক /fond of or characterized by joking; humorous or playful.

Synonyms: humorous, playful

Antonyms: gloomy, sad

Example: He was informal, familiar and jocular ; he could be bawdy, coarse and crude.

5.Tacit (Adjective) — अंतर्निहित/ নীরব /Understood or implied without being stated.

Synonyms: Implicit, Understood, Implied

Antonyms: Explicit, Stated

Example: Thus, direct or tacit pronatalism survived because of historically specific, regional demands for labor.

6.Jibe (Verb)-  हंसी / বিদ্রূপ /be in accord; agree

Synonyms: harmonize, conform

Antonyms: disagree, differ

Example: Unlike many other politicians, he refuses to indulge in cheap jibes at other people’s expense.

7.Strenuous (adjective) – कठिन/  শ্রমসাধ্য /Requiring or using great effort or exertion.

Synonyms: Arduous, Difficult, Hard, Tough, Taxing

Antonyms:  Easy, Effortless, Half-hearted, Feeble

Example: A highly condensed exposition makes for strenuous reading in a few papers, but the contents make it well worth the effort.

8.Tutelary(Adj.)- सलाहकार /রক্ষাকর /serving as a protector, guardian, or patron.

Synonyms: Guardian, advisory

Antonyms: careless, inattentive

Example: The state maintained a tutelary relation with the security police

9.Juncture (Noun) – समय/ সন্ধিক্ষণ /A particular point in events or time.

Synonyms: Point, Point in time, Time, Moment

Antonyms: Cleft, Crack, Crevice

Example: Even so, these do reflect the popular mood at each of the junctures in time.

10.Effete(Adj.)- अशक्त / নিঃশেষিত /affected, over-refined, and ineffectual.

Synonyms: spoilt, destroyed

Antonyms: disciplined, proper

Example: The authority of an effete aristocracy began to dwindle

9th December(Download Now)

1.Harrowing(Verb)- शोकजनक/মর্মভেদী/cause distress to.

 Synonyms : Distress, trouble, afflict, grieve, torment, torture, crucify, rack, sear, pain, wound, mortify

 Antonyms :Calm, comfort, heartening

 Example : They ploughed and harrowed the heavy clay.

 2.Gargantuan(Adj.)- विशाल/ বিশাল/ extremely big

 Synonyms : Massive, huge, colossal, vast, immense, cosmic, tremendous, gigantic, giant, monstrous.

Antonyms : Tiny

 Example : Clearly, the calculation of precise costs for all support for older people would be a gargantuan task.

 3.Forerunner(Noun)- अग्र-दूत/অগ্রদূত/a person or thing that precedes the coming or development of someone or something else.

 Synonyms: Predecessor, precursor, antecedent, ancestor, forebear

 Antonyms : Descendant

 Example : Similarly, the concept of generation, the forerunner of the notion of cohorts, needs revision.

 4.Quashed(Verb)- को खारिज कर दिया/ বিলুপ্ত করা/reject as invalid, especially by legal procedure.

 Synonyms : Cancel, reverse, rescind, repeal, revoke, retract

 Antonyms : Validate

 Example : His conviction was quashed on appeal

 5.Compensate(Verb)- मुआवजा देना/প্রতিদান করা/give (someone) something, typically money, in recognition of loss, suffering, or injury incurred; recompense.

Synonyms : Recompense, repay, pay back, reimburse, remunerate, recoup

 Example : The loss of the interaction might also be compensated for by the intron-encoded protein.

 6.Immutable(Adj.)– अडिग/  অপরিবর্তনীয়/unchanging over time or unable to be changed.

 Synonyms : Unchangeable, fixed, set, rigid, inflexible

 Antonyms : Variable

 Example : Our language games do not come fully equipped with books of immutable rules.

 7.Stance(Noun)- मुद्रा/ভঙ্গি/the way in which someone stands, especially when deliberately adopted

 Synonyms : Posture, body position, pose, attitude, bearing

 Example : Indeed, the standing of individual gentlemen could sometimes be affected by their political stances.

8.Erupt(Verb)- भड़क उठी / সবেগে উৎক্ষিপ্ত /(of an object) explode with fire and noise.

 Synonyms : Become active, flare up, eject/vent material, explode

 Antonyms :Calm down

 Example : Two years later a rash of race riots unseen since the ‘ red summer ‘ of 1919 erupted around the country.

 9.Indebtedness(Noun)- ऋण/দায়/the condition of owing money.

 Example : The industry is taking steps to reduce indebtedness and cut costs

 10.Fragmentation(Noun) विखंडन/ টুকরা টুকরা করা/ the process or state of breaking or being broken into fragments.

 Example : He claimed that social fragmentation was a by-product of the internet.

 10th December (Download Now)

1.Morbid (Adjective) — स्र्ग्ण/ অস্বাস্থ্যকর /Characterized by an abnormal and unhealthy interest in disturbing and unpleasant subjects, especially death and disease.

Synonyms: Ghoulish, Macabre, Unhealthy, Gruesome

Antonyms: Wholesome

Example: The morbid risk represents the percentage of family members who develop the specific disorder.

2.Skullduggery(Noun)- वाक्छल / প্রতারণা /underhand, unscrupulous, or dishonest behaviour or activities.

Synonyms: chicanery, crafty

Antonyms: probity, modesty

Example: They are all juggling around, and a lot of skulduggery is going on.

3.Malaise (Noun)— अस्वस्थता/  অসুস্থতাবোধ /A general feeling of discomfort, illness, or unease whose exact cause is difficult to identify.

Synonyms: Unhappiness, Restlessness, Uneasiness

Antonyms: Comfort, Well-being

Example: In the second scenario, a patient is suffering from fevers, malaise, and a painful blistering rash after infection with smallpox.

4.Pique (Noun): मनमुटाव /বিরূপতা /stiff fabric, typically cotton, woven in a strongly ribbed or raised pattern.

Synonyms: annoyance, displeasure

Antonyms: delight, happiness

Example: One day they got word about a very popular lead guitar player who piqued their interest.

5.Keen (Adjective— इच्छुक/  উত্সাহী/ Having or showing eagerness or enthusiasm

Synonyms: Eager, Anxious, Impatient, Determined, Desirous

Antonyms: Reluctant, Apathetic, Half-hearted

Example: I can be perfectly rational in believing that my faculty of vision is keener than my companions.

6.Notorious (Adjective)— कुख्यात/ কুখ্যাত /Famous or well known, typically for some bad quality or deed.

Synonyms: Infamous, Of ill repute,  Ill-famed, Scandalous

Antonyms: Unknown, Anonymous, Faceless

Example: He was notorious for his violent and threatening behaviour.

7.Unbridled (Adjective)— अनियंत्रित; स्वेच्छापूर्ण/ লাগামহীন/ uncontrolled; unconstrained.

Synonyms: Unrestrained, Unconstrained, Uncontrolled

Antonyms: Restrained, Controlled

Example: He saw how entrenched were conventional approaches to unbridled state power as the ultima ratio of international affairs.

8.Putative(Adjective)- ख्यात /অবৈধ/ generally considered or reputed to be.

Synonyms: presumptive, supposed

Antonyms: proven, real

Example: However, no biophysical studies of this putative interaction are available yet.

9.Tyro (Noun)- नौसिखिए/ শিক্ষানবিস/ a beginner or novice

Synonyms: novice, learner

Antonyms: expert, veteran

Example: I confess that he would be a mere tyro against some of the delaying tactics that one sees in evidence from time to time.

10 Petulant(Adjective): ढीठ /প্রগল্ভ/ (of a person or their manner) childishly sulky or bad-tempered

Synonyms: impatient, cranky

Antonyms: patient, good-natured

Example: His son’s and his favourite’s recent debacle in foreign affairs induced a sulky, petulant gloom in the king that intensified his ill health.

 16th December (Download pdf)

1.Steadfast (Adjective)–  दृढ़ / কায়েম /Resolutely or dutifully firm and unwavering.

Synonyms: Loyal, Faithful, Committed

Antonyms: Disloyal, Irresolute

Example: The other six business papers remained steadfast and vocal in their opposition to war.

2.Buyback (Noun)- वापस खरीदना /  অব্যাহতি দেওয়া /the buying back of goods by the original seller.

Synonyms: privilege, allowance

Antonyms: repudiation, refusal

Example: Redemption relates to the customary practice of land-sales containing buyback arrangements, some of surprisingly long duration.

3.Unfettered (Adjective)– निरंकुश /কারামুক্ত /Not confined or restricted.

Synonyms: Unrestrained, Unrestricted, Unconstrained, Free, Unbridled

Antonyms: Restricted, Fettered

Example: The world is not an arena where we can measure the impact of unfettered regulatory competition.

4.Quandary (Noun)–  व्याकुलता / মুশকিল /A state of perplexity or uncertainty over what to do in a difficult situation.

Synonyms: Dilemma, Plight, Predicament

Antonyms:  Breeze, Cinch, Duck Soup, Snap

Example: These results will not affect studies of large parties, but do create a quandary for research where there are small voting blocs.

5.Prorogue (Verb)– अवसान करना /স্থগিত রাখা (Discontinue a session of (a parliament or other legislative assembly) without dissolving it.

Synonyms: Adjourn, Prorogate, Recess, Suspend

Antonyms: Inaugurate, Launch, Open

Example-If we wish to prorogue, we really should get on.

6.Lofty (Adjective)– लंबा / লম্বা /Of imposing height.

Synonyms: Tall, High, Giant, Towering

Antonyms: Low, Short

Example: The elegant square was shaded by lofty palms

7.Deflationary (Adjective)– अपस्फीतिकर / সঙ্কোচ /Characterized by or tending to cause economic deflation.

Synonyms: Bankruptcy, Collapse, Decline, Deflation

Antonyms: Increase, Rise, Success

Example: Unemployment is the unfortunate legacy of two decades of deflationary economic policies.

8.Unceremonious (Adjective)–   अनौपचारिक /শিষ্টাচারহীন /Having or showing a lack of courtesy; rough or abrupt.

Synonyms: Abrupt, Sudden, Hasty, Hurried

Antonyms: Polite, Formal

Example: The unceremonious packing-off of such persons back to where they came from is entirely justified.

9.Indulgent (Ajective)- कृपालु /অসংযত/ having or indicating a readiness or over-readiness to be generous to or lenient with someone.

Synonyms:Permissive, easy-going, broad-minded, liberal

Antonyms: inconsiderate, intolerant

Example: At the same time, his indulgent tone does not betray a strongly negative reaction to their self-identification.

10.Pile (Noun)-  ढेर/ গাদা/ a heap of things laid or lying one on top of another.

Synonyms: Heap, stack, mound, pyramid, mass

Antonyms: ditch, poverty

Example: He had a pile of papers on his desk.

















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