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 Kasturirangan committee report

Kasturirangan committee was set up to study the Gadgil committee report on the Western Ghats.The Kasturirangan committee report has sought to balance the two concerns of development and environment protection, by watering down the environmental regulation regime proposed by the Western Ghats Ecology Experts Panel’s Gadgil report in 2012.

Kasturirangan Recommendation

  • Only 37% (i.e. 60,000 sq. km.) of the total area be brought under ESA under Kasturirangan report.
  • There should be a complete ban on mining, quarrying and sand mining in ESA. All current mining areas should be phased out within the next 5 years,or at the time of expiry of mining lease, whichever is earlier.
  • No thermal power projects should be allowed in ESA. Hydropower projects may be allowed but subject to conditions.
  • HLWG recommends that wind energy should be included in EIA notification and brought under purview of assessment and clearance.
  • All ‘Red’ category industries should be strictly banned.
  • Building and construction projects of 20,000 m2 and above should not be allowed. Townships and area development projects should be prohibited.
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  • All development projects, located within 10 km of the Western Ghats ESA and requiring Environment Clearance (EC), shall be regulated as per the provisions of the EIA Notification 2006.
  • The State Governments should also ensure consultation with local communities while planning for protection of wildlife corridors.
  • Western Ghats States should come together to negotiate for a grant-in aid from the Centre. The financial arrangement
    should be of the nature of a debt for nature swap.
  • To promote sustainable agriculture, HLWG recommends a focused programme to incentivize growers in the Western Ghats to move towards organic cultivation and to build a unique ‘brand’ for such premium products in the world market.

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