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Economics Times  ePaper



Why Economic Times

Economic Times epaper pdf is not a newspaper confined to economics but includes all aspects of business. It is a newspaper specifically focusing on Indian business scenario.

The first four pages of Economic Times 7include Political news which covers almost every news of national importance . Then are certain pages covering general news about business, companies, deals, markets and other economic developments. There are separate pages for Editorial, international news and even one on sports. So it pretty much covers everything.

On the con side, the Sunday magazine is not liked by everyone. It covers different national and business topics but may not be of interest to everyone. On Saturday and Sunday the paper costs Rs 10, which is pretty much huge comparing it with the content it offers. Also If one wants to specifically prepare for competitive exams, then The Hindu and Pratiyogita Darpan type of magazines will be more helpful as ET only helps to know different issues and formulate opinion on everything and but it is not good for factual learning.

Read ET daily if you intend to develop business sense, overall idea of Indian economy and political direction. It may seem to be a little tough on first reading but with time things will become easier to grasp.

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