The Hindu Newspaper PDF Free download

The Hindu

 The Hindu Newspaper PDF Free download

The Hindu newspaper is said to be one of the best apparatus for an aspirant. It can help you in many ways. Editorial which reflects the scenario of government and country situations. So they are the most important part of the newspaper. You can learn vocabulary and many technical terms which are interdisciplinary to other subjects.

The Hindu Newspaper also Cover

  • Firstly,National news like government statements not political, policies, initiatives etc.
  • Secondly,International news like treaties, agreements, disputes, but not accidents, deaths.
  • Thirdly,Economy news with special stress to technical terms.
  • Moreover, Science and technology with real-life applications in upsc point of view.
  • And, Environment and biodiversity news in UPSC point of view.

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The Hindu will not be uploaded from 18th May 2019 as promised to The Hindu Officials

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Download The Hindu(Simplified) Current affairs from below

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Disclaimer:The Hindu is a sole property of The Hindu group.All PDF which are provided here are for Education purposes does not own these materials, neither created nor scanned. I just providing the links already available on internet. if any way it violates the law or has any issues then kindly contact me.

131 thoughts on “The Hindu Newspaper PDF Free download

  1. ilaks

    The Hindu newspaper is 2nd most popular English Newspaper. It will available in two-mode Hardcopy and Soft copy as Pdf version. The Hindu Newspaper is not for free, you need to buy a hard copy or subscribe pdf version e-paper.
    But on the Internet, you will get it free. Many people share the Hindu Pdf version. Below the following link, you can Download The Hindu newspaper Pdf version.
    Download epaper Daily for free

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    kya huwa bhai , bahut dino se update nahi ho raha hai, koi problem hai kya?


    if you do not upload newspaper does not mean that we will not get it through other sites you just killed your site popularity. Helping a big Company like The Hindu did not give you any benifits. but helping 1000 students and taking their blessings is a very good work. you keep your promise on your grave. The promise you made is bullshit and you know it.

  5. RAKESH KUMAR mourya

    Sir ji the hindu papers jun ka nahi dikha raha hai

  6. J.k.

    Why hindu news paper will not available. Please upload hindu news paper….

  7. Ashish

    Dear team
    This comes with tons of gratitude for your assistance through this medium. Please help us with the Hindu daily newspaper as you did or suggest any other medium. We the aspirants would be very grateful to you.

  8. Ashish

    Dear team
    This comes with tons of gratitudes for your assistance through this medium. Please help us with the Hindu daily newspaper as you did or suggest any other medium. We the aspirants would be very grateful to you.

  9. Kalyan Singh

    Respected Sir/ Ma’am,

    seriously nobody wants simplified current affairs booklet, there are already tons of them available online, no need to add more to it. Please just provide the Hindu paper like before.




    any other way for downloading the Hindu newspaper?

  11. Hardy

    Respected people, seriously nobody wants simplified current affairs booklet, there are already tons of them available online, no need to add more to it. Please just provide the Hindu paper like before.

  12. Majeeda

    Sir plz upload hindu news paper… Hindu news paper pdf provided by u is really
    very help ful for us

  13. anjana

    sir please.. THE HINDU ki pdf upload karna continue rakho sir please ….
    because HARD COPY of the hindu is not reached in small cities.

  14. sanjeev chakma

    sir why we cannot download e-paper of the hindu newspaper

  15. Oggy

    Please upload hindu newspaper instead of simplified current affair


    Your website has never uploaded the newspaper before 8 A.M. There is no point in uploading it after 6:30AM, moreover your website claims that you upload it everyday after 6AM. My humble request is please do not deceive people.Either change what you claim (if you don’t do it) or do what you claim

  17. Anonymous

    Thank you so much man! I come from a poor family and i can’t afford Hindu’newspaper so thanks for providing these to us.

  18. Sunil

    Sometime facing issues for download but Its ok because you give us the hindu regularly.

  19. Kanhaiya kumar

    Cannot thank you enough!!! Early morning The Hindu newspaper is just a blessing!


    Sir I can not do download The Hindu newspaper .please help me

  21. Nikita

    Can you provide old papers like 2008-09-10-11-12-13-14-15-16-17


    Thanks a lot for uploading the E-paper, magazine, and current affairs also, which is very beneficial. and we can learn a lot in short time of period.

    1. Anurag singh

      Thanqq very much sir. you are doing a great 😊👍 work. But please upload the Hindu newspaper if it’s possible


    thank you so much for your generosity …..for those who can’t reach to the basic current affairs materials ….specially such as the hindu and the indian express etc… which is a boon for the underprivilged person who can’t afford those materials
    .. so i request you to keep up the great work you have been doing so far

  24. Nawin

    Thank you very much for your efforts. It is helping us in a big way.

  25. Shakti singh

    Sir it is very important for perepring the upsc.
    It is easily used and no cost..
    It’s better for me…

  26. Sathish

    Hello, February 7th and February 8th aren’t working showing some GP links ad. Please fix when time permits.

    Thank you – you are doing a wonderful service!

  27. Manoranjan Bhoi

    Sir there is a problem in downloading The Hindu newspaper gplink site showing please stop this as soon as possible

  28. Meherul Hossain

    Thanks a lot to this site..bcs i live in a remote village where the huneu is not reachable… So it is very helpful for me to get preparation for upsc.. Thanks again & plz keep continu.


    I am preparing for UPSC from Indonesia. Your Hindu pdf daily is a medicine for me. Keep up the good work. Thanks a lot.

  30. Sai Krishna

    Plz add me on telegram so that I can get every day news paper directly.. my telegram no is 7034033457

  31. Rahul

    I am from a small town of india where only local newspaper only available after lot of search and efforts i found @bitul where i can read the hindu newspaper daily thank you man

  32. Bhanu chandra Ramatoti

    Thank you so much…..
    I am living in a village where I can’t receive the Hindu.
    But here I can read The Hindu daily.


    Dear Sir, I am not able to download The Hindu E-paper from your website, it is showing error again & again, can you help me and resolve my issue.


    Superb work sir, thanks very much… I unable to get regularly news paper….but I get here…

  35. Saikat

    sir i can’t download The Hindu News paper’s Editorial part after 14/01/19.when i clicked the download option it taking me away into other side( check what’s going wrong?please reply.

  36. Rithvik

    A Very Big Thanks Bhayya! I donot get Hindu News Paper in our college.. Thanks for that.. I could read everyday from here.. 🙂

  37. Avinab N

    Thanks a ton,Sir This is truly a great endeavour for those who cannot reach out to the hardcopy of the Newspaper.

  38. U will know me

    Thank you sir, I am in place where there is no hindu paper issued.

    But please do not tag your telegram link all over the paper, it is difficult to read and unable to underline please make a stamp at one corner. I am wholly thanking u for ur initiative

  39. Parathavi singh

    Sir please upload epaper at 6 am..
    Pls upload adfree epaper of today..

  40. azad

    sir, u have written to publish the paper after 6 a.m but i can download after almost 7.30 every day…please upload at 6 a.m

  41. anju

    sir in july 2018 links r named as the hindu bt pdfs r of other newspapers??plz correct it.

  42. moni

    why there aren’t pdfs before july month???
    this there anyway to get those pdfs


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    In the reference of published News paper’s for us increasing our knowledge and our mind power .

    Thanks & Regards,
    Adarsh MIshra

  44. Prateek

    Thanks a lot sir for this work…..I really liked your effort regarding this. I loved this website very much.😊😊

  45. Vimlesh

    Very very thank you sir. This news Paper is very useful for me. Thanks again

  46. Vikram Singh

    Great job sir, a heartfelt thank you for doing this..
    Please don’t shut this step ever, as many like me are heavily benefitting through it.

  47. Henry Poljak

    Thanks for sharing this information..have shared this link with others keep posting such information..

  48. rapid tone garcinia

    I needed to thank you for this good read!! I certainly loved every little bit of it.
    I have you bookmarked to look at new stuff you

  49. deepak

    Thanks a lot for your kind help.

    I have been looking for the hindu timely in the morning and eventually, fortunately i got this website…

    thanks a trillion and even many more…

    Please never stop this generous work…

    you are the very kindhearted.

  50. Aditya Kumar

    Thank you so much…..
    I am living in a village where I can’t receive the Hindu.
    But here I can read The Hindu daily.
    Thank you so much again brother.

    1. Akshay baviskar

      Thanks a lot sir !!this is really a incredible job and service for economically backward aspirants

    1. Sumia Bakar

      your content in newspaper is little bit blur. Please, make it clear so that i can read the content without facing trouble.
      THANK YOU !

      1. mohit

        if you will download news paper then it will not be blur.


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