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MVI(Motor Vehicle Inspector) 2019 Answer Key, Question Paper, Solutions (Now Available) – Get here

MVI-Motor Vehicle Inspector 2019 exam Answer Key, Question Paper in pdf formate available now on this website you can download from below. West Bengal Public Service Commission conducted Motor Vehicle Inspector Exam on 7th April 2019.

The answer key of MVI 2019 exam comprises of correct answers to all the questions asked in the exam. As per WBPSC  marking scheme, for the correct answer in preliminary Exam, candidates will get 1 mark assigned to that question for every correct answer while 1/3 marks will be deducted for the wrong answer in General Studies Paper.

MVI Exam 2019 Answer Key

1.The Deuce,Smash,Drop,Love,Let,Fault are related to Answer: Badminton

2. Who is the recipient of Dadasaheb Phalke award in 2017 Answer: Vinod Khanna

3. the best picture of 2018 Oscar was awarded to Answer:Darkest Hour

4. state announced the setting up of 24*7 Gudiyahelpline for reporting crimes against women? Answer: Himachal Pradesh

5. In which city of India, India’s first national park for differently abled people was inaugurated? Answer: Hyderabad

6. which country hosted the Himalayan hydro Expo 2018? Answer: Nepal

7. according to all India survey of Higher Education, which Indian state has topped in term of gross enrolment ratio in higher education? Answer: Tamil Nadu

8. Who is the first person to fly in space shuttle and walk on the moon? Answer: John young

9. which country is the champion of ICC Women World Cup 2017? Answer: England

10. in which Indian city, the defence minister has decided to set up a defence innovation Centre to assist small industries in manufacturing companies for the defence sector? Answer: Coimbatore

11. which company launched the world’s thinnest laptop? Answer:Acer

12.Ghoomar is the folk dance from Answer: Rajasthan

13. In which of the archaeological site in West Bengal the presence of a Buddhist monastery dated between 6th to 12th century has been revealed? Answer:Mogolmari

14. What is the full form of RADAR? Answer: radio detecting and ranging

15. Agni VI falls under Answer: Intercontinental ballistic missile

16. Wall Street is located in Answer: New York

17. which country has hosted the winter Olympics 2018? Answer: South Korea

18. the water ATM project was launched in which Indian state? Answer: West Bengal

19. which is the first railway station in the country to have sanitary napkin vending machine? Answer: Bhopal station

20. China had set up the world’s first 3D printed bus stop in which of its City? Answer: Shanghai

21. the Indian Institute of Technology has set up its first food testing lab in which IIT Campus? Answer: Kharagpur

22. to promote Hindi language all over the world, when is the world Hindi Day celebrated? Answer: 10th January

23. who is the editor of the book Majuli: resources and challenges? Answer:Dr. Sanjib Kumar Borkakoti

24.”Rizhao”, the Missile frigate, was commissioned by which country? Answer: China

25. when is the Indian army Day celebrated in India? Answer: 15th January

26. the difference of two rational number is Answer: always rational

27. the sum of a rational and irrational number is Answer: always irrational

28. the ratio of loss and the sale price of an article is 1:7. the percentage of loss is Answer:

29. a man buys an article at x and sell it at 750 rupees and thereby he gain 25%. the value of x is Answer:600

30. a salesman sold an article at 20% loss. if we could sale at 200 rupees more, there would be a gain of 5%. the cost price of the article is Answer:

51. crossing the line is the autobiography of Answer:Luis Suarez

52. who wrote ‘Centerbruy Tales’? Answer: geoffrey chaucer

53. Jai Jawan Jai Kisan is the slogan of Answer: Lal Bahadur Shastri

54. when did Pondicherry became a union territory of India? Answer:1962

55.S.B Maiga was appointed as the prime minister of which country? Answer:Mali

56. who has become the India’s highest ranked player in the international table tennis Federation ranking? Answer:G. Sathiyan

57. which state launched Chah Bagichar dhaan puruskar Mela 2017-18? Answer: Assam

58. all India Muslim League was founded in Answer:1906

59. the parliament of Malaysia is known as Answer: Dewan Rakyat and Dewan Negara

60. the Poiliu is the nickname of Answer:  French soldier

61. which is the first spaceship to orbit the moon? Answer:Luna-I

62. Andhra Pradesh gramina Vikas Bank operationalised its first desktop ATM in which state? Answer: Telangana

63. which of the following is the world’s largest cleanliness survey carried out by union Ministry of housing and urban affairs? Answer: swachh Bharat-2018

64. name the Housing Finance Company, which has the rise 1000 crore by selling India’s first social bonds? Answer: Indiabulls Housing Finance

65. who become the first batsman to score 300 in T20 International?

Advertisement Answer: Colin Munro

66. which state has made its logo, highlighting the biswa Bangla theme with Ashoka pillars? Answer: West Bengal

67. which is the first country in the world to legalize equal pay for men and women for the same work? Answer: Iceland

68. who was awarded the best Central Bank Governor in the Asia Pacific for 2018 by UK best magazine’ the banker’? Answer: Ravi Menon

69. Union Health Ministry has launched India’s first online oncology tutorial series, aimed at training doctors to detect and diagnosed early sign of which disease? Answer: cancer

70. how many official languages are there in UNO? Answer:6

71. the headquarter of ILO is situated in Answer:Geneva

72. Manas Sanctuary is located in Answer: Assam

73. which is known as cockpit of Europe? Answer: Belgium

74. which place is famous as Sanskrit village of India? Answer: Mathur Karnataka

75. durand Cup is associated with Answer: football

76. the first countries of GCC to introduce value added tax for the first time in 2018 Answer: UAE Saudi Arabia

77. what was the theme of World wetlands day celebrated on 2nd February 2019? Answer: wetlands and climate change

78. who was appointed for a fixed tenure of 2 years, as the new director of Central Board of Investigation? Answer: Rishi Kumar Shukla

79. Which is the national aquatic animal of India? Answer: river dolphin

80. which is the official flower of West Bengal? Answer: night flowering Jasmine(sefali)

81. where did Indian Space Research Organisation last human space flight center? Answer: Bangalore

82. which bridge is known as cantilever bridge of India? Answer: Rabindra Setu of Kolkata

83.The khadakwasla is famous for Answer:Defence academy

84. who among the following proved that the earth is not flat ? Answer: Copernicus

85. who was honoured with the first word Smith award 2019 for his contribution to Indian literature at the words count festival? Answer: Pawan Kumar Verma

86. name of the former secretary of Government of India who was awarded with K. Veeramani Award for Social Justice 2018? Answer: p s Krishnan

87. who was awarded the Sangeet Natak Academy Award,2017 under the category Hindustani vocal music? Answer:Lalit J.Rao

88. which among the following Nation participated in FIFA World Cup 2018 for the first time? Answer: Panama

89. which of the following animals is name as the National aquatic animal of Thailand? Answer: Siamese fighting fish

90. In 2019 which country has signed the Accord to join NATO to become the member of the NATO military alliance? Answer: Macedonia

91. what is the repo rate in India which is recently replaced by RBI, in 6th bi monthly monetary policy? Answer:6.25%

92. Veer Savarkar International Airport is situated at Answer: Port Blair

93. what is the theme of 2nd ASEAN- india youth Summit, which was recently held in Assam? Answer: connectivity: pathway to shared prosperity

94. who is the first woman judge in Supreme Court? Answer: Fathima bibi

95. in which state there is no Human Rights Commission? Answer: Delhi

96. the national register of citizen proposed for Answer: both A and B are correct

97. after Sikkim, which state was declared as the second state in the Northeast to be declared open defecation free? Answer: Arunachal Pradesh

98. in January 1 2018 upto how many Rupees finance minister stated that there will be no charge on debit card transaction? Answer:2000

99. in which state GAIL India Ltd has commissioned India’s second largest rooftop Solar Power Plant? Answer: Uttar Pradesh

100. what is the currency of Bhutan? Answer:ngultrum

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