Basic Information of India

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Basic Information of India


India is the second largest populous country in the world, covers 17.44% of world population and seventh largest country with an area about 3287263 sq. km.,covers 2.42% of world is located in northern and eastern hemisphere.its Latitudinal and Longitudinal extend is 8 degree 4 minute north to 37 degree 6 minute north and 68 degree 7 minute East to 97 degree 25 minute East.

Key facts

  • Its North-South and East to West Extend are about 3214 km. and 2933 km. respectively
  • Northern point– Siachen Glacier near Karakoram, Southern point– Indira Point, Great Nicobar, Andaman & Nicobar Islands,Southern point of Mainland-Cape Comorin (Kanya Kumari) Tamilnadu, Western Point-Ghuar Mota, Gujarat, Eastern Point-Kibithu, Arunachal Pradesh
  • Tropic of cancer passes through 8 states(Gujarat,Rajasthan,Madhya Pradesh,Chattisgarh,Jharkhand,West Bengal,Tripura and Mizoram)
  • Indian Standard Time(IST) which is GMT+5.30
  • Between the Western and Eastern longitudes there is a difference of 30 degrees which causes a difference of about two hours between the western-most and eastern most areas of the country.
  • The Standard Meridian lies on 82°30′ East longitude, which falls in the middle of the country. It sets the Indian Standard Time(5 and half hour ahead of GMT).  The Standard Meridian passes through Mirzapur near Allahabad in Uttar Pradesh.

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