Weather Warning Systems

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Colour weather warnings

A Colour coded weather warning system is used to alert the public to the predicted severity of weather: cyclones, floods, storms and winds.The colour system ranges from green, which is low risk, to red, which is the highest risk of severe conditions.

Green Alert Weather:

Colour coded warning system for bad weather,It is aimed at helping emergency services and local authorities to anticipate potential disruption caused by severe weather.The colour system range green, which is low risk.

Yellow Alert Weather:

Yellow” signal remains as the most basic level. It means that there is heavy rain — or 7.5 to 15 mm of rain has been observed in the past hour and is expected to continue at this level.Yellow level weather alerts is to notify those who are at risk because of their location and/or activity, and to allow them to take preventative action.It is used for weather conditions that do not pose an immediate threat to the general population, but only to those exposed to risk by nature of their location and/or activity.


Orange Alert Weather:

Orange weather warningOrange means “be prepared”. There is an increased likelihood of bad or extreme weather, potentially disrupting plans and causing travel delays, road and rail closures, interruption to power and the potential risk to life and property.

Red Alert Weather:

Red weather warning is the most serious kind of weather warning.Red weather warning, people must stay away from areas which could be potentially dangerous and they should follow the advice of the emergency services and local authorities.This is usually done by moving their families out of the danger zone temporarily (evacuation), by staying indoors or by other specific actions aimed at mitigating the effects of the weather conditions.It is in the case of a red weather alert that we could see serious disruption to public transport, road closures and school closures.

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