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A noun is a word,used to refer to person,place,thing,idea,animal and place

There are five kind of noun and they are

  1. Proper noun
  2. Common noun
  3. Collective noun
  4. Abstract noun
  5. Material noun

Proper Noun:A proper noun is the name of a particular person or place or thing

Examples:Ram,Dipa,Ganga and Delhi

Common Noun:A Common noun is the name given to a person,place or thing of same class

Examples:Men,Women,River and Capital

Collective Noun:A collective noun denotes to a group or collection

Examples:Class,audience,folk and Library

Abstract Noun:An abstract noun denotes a quality,states or an action.

Examples:Beauty,mercy,honesty and angry

Material Noun:A material noun denotes a substance or a material of which things are made.

Examples:Gold,coal,iron and paper

* Article is not used before Material Noun

Countable Noun: Countable noun is a noun which can be counted whether available in the form of singular or plural.

Ex.Common noun,collective noun

Uncountable Nouns: uncountable nouns are nouns which cannot be counted.

Ex.Material noun,Abstract noun

* Uncountable nouns are used in the singular forms only

*Indefinite article is not used before them.They are not used with plural verb, ‘Much’ or ‘Some’ are used in place of ‘Many’ for denoting plurality.

Formation of Gender

1.By adding-ess,- ine,- trix, -a to the word in the Masculine Gender.

Author- Authoress; Baron- Baroness;

Count-Countess; Giant-Giantess;

Heir- Heiress; Host- Hostess;

Jew- Jewess; Lion- Lioness;

Manager- Manageress; Mayor- Mayoress

Patron- Patroness;Peer- Peeress;

Poet- Poetess; Priest- Priestess

Prophet- Prophetess; Shepherd -Shepherdess;

Steward -Stewardess; Viscount- Viscountess

2.By removing the last Vowel in the Masculine word before adding–ess

Actor- Actress; Preceptor- Preceptress;

Benefactor- Benefactress; Prince- Princess;

Conductor- Conductress; Songster– Songstress;

Enchanter- Enchantress; Temptor- Temptress;

Founder- Foundress; Seamaster- Seamistress;

Hunter- Huntress; Tiger- Tigress;

Instructor- Instructress ;Traitor- Traitress;

Negro- Negress; Waitor- Waitress;

Abbot- Abbess; Master- Mistress;

Duke -Duchess; Murderer- Murdress;

Emperor- Empress; Sorcerer- Sorceress;

Marquis- Marchioness;

3.By adding -ine, -trix, -a—

Hero- Heroine; Czar -Czarina;

Administrator- Administratrix;Sultan -Sultana

Executor-Executrix ;Signor -Signora;

Testator- Testatrix; Fox -Vixen;

4.By adding an entirely new word before or after the Masculine word.

Bull-calf= Cow-calf; Grandfather- Grandmother

Cock sparrow- Hen sparrow;Great-uncle =Great aunt

He-goat- She-goat; Landlord -Landlady;

He-bear- She-bear ;Milkman- Milkmaid;

Jack-ass- Jenny-ass ;Peacock- Peahen;

Man-servant- Maid servant;Washer man- Washer woman

5.The Feminines of the following Masculines are quite different from their originals.

Bachelor -Maid ;spinster- Hart Roe;

Boy- Girl; Horse- Mare;

Brother- Sister; Husband- Wife

Buck -Doe; King- Queen

Bull/ox- Cow; Lord- Lady

Bullock- Heifer; Man -Woman;

Cock -Hen; Monk/Friar- Nun;

Colt- Filly; Nephew- Niece;

Dog -Bitch ;Papa- Mamma;

Drake- Duck ;Sir- Madam;

Drone- Bee; Ram- Ewe;

Earl- Countess; Stay- Hind;

Father- Mother; Son -Daughter;

Gander- Goose; Uncle -Aunt;

Gentleman- Lady; Wizard- Witch




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