Indus Valley Civilization Objective Question Paper

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  • The Harappan civilization was discovered in the year[ SSC grade 2014]
    a/ 1901 b/ 1921 c/ 1935 d/ 1942
  •  Lothal is a site where Dockyard of which of the following Civilization were found[ SSC 2006]
    a/ Indus valley b/ Mesopotamian c/ Egyptian d/ Persian
  • The people of Indus Valley Civilization usually build their house of[ SSC 2008]
    a/ wood b/ stone c/ pucca brick d/ all of these
  •  The Indus valley people traded with the[ SCRA 2000]
    a/ Persian b/ Chinese c/ Mesopotamia d/ Romans
  •  The Indus valley civilization was non Aryan because[ RRB Mumbai 2006]
    a/ extended up to the Narmada Valley
    b/ it had an agricultural economy
    c/ it is urban
    d/ it has a pictographic script
  •  The local name of Mohenjo Daro is[ RRB supervisor 2006]
    a/ Mount of the dead b/ Mount of the Great c/ Mount of the living d/ Mount of the survivor
  •  The Indus valley civilization specialized in[ RRB to supervisor 2006, SSC 2014]
    a/ craftsmanship b/ town planning c/ architecture d/ all of these
  •  Which of the following statement is correct regarding to Indus Valley Civilization[ RRB supervisor 2006]
    a/ the people knew nothing about agriculture
    b/ it is difficult to say to which race the people belonged
    c/ the Indus valley civilization was an advanced urban civilization
    d/ iron was not known to the people
  • Out of the following remains excavated in the Indus valley, which one indicates the commercial and economic development? [ SSC CPO 2002]
    a/ seals b/ pottery c/ boats d/ houses
  •  The earliest City discovered in India was[ SSC CPO 2003]
    a/ Harappa b/ Mohenjo Daro c/ rongpur d/ Sindh
  • Which one of the following statements regarding Harappan civilization is correct? [ UPSC 2010]
    a/ the Harappan civilization was rural based
    b/ the inhabitants of Harappa grew and used cotton
    c/ the standard Harappan seal were made of clay
    d/ the inhabitants of Harappan had neither knowledge of Copper and bronze
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  •  Which one of the following Indus Civilization sites gives evidence of dockyard? [ UPSC 2007, 2008]
    a/ Rakhi garhi b/ Lothal c/ Harappa d/ Mohenjo Daro
  •  Which one of the following animals was not represented on the seal and Terracotta art of Harappan culture[ UPSC 2001, SSC 2005]
    a/ cow b/ elephant c/ tiger d/ rhinoceros
  •  One of the following sites from have the famous bull seal of Indus Valley Civilization were found
    a/ Harappa b/ chanhudaro c/ Lothal d/ Mohenjo Daro
  •  Rock cut architecture in Harappan culture context has been found at[ UPPSC 2006]
    a/ Kali bangan b/kotdiji c/ Dholavira d/ Amri
  • Cotton kurti style were first cultivated in[ UPPSC 2006]
    a/ Central America b/ Egypt c/ Mesopotamia d/ India
  • The archaeological finds from alamgirpur in Ghaziabad district reflected the[ UPPSC 2005]
    a/ Harappan culture b/ Vedic culture c/ Maryan culture d/ Gupta period culture
  • From which the following places, remains of Wells have been found in houses belonging to the developed stage of Indus Valley Civilization? [ UPPSC 2004]
    a/ Harappa b/ Kali bangan c/ Lothal d/ Mohenjo Daro
  • A copper Chariot of Harappa times was discovered at[ MPPSC 2009]
    a/ Kuntal b/ Rakhi gari c/ daimabad d/ banwali
  • Which of the following was not known To harappans? [ MPPSC 2009]
    a/ Construction of walls b/ construction of pillars c/ construction of drains d/ construction of arches

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