The Early Man

  • The fossils of early human being have been found in Africa about 2.6million year back,but there no such evidence in India.So,it appears that India was inhabited later than Africa.
  • The appearance of human beings in India was around 1.4 million year ago suggested by the recent reported artefacts from Bori in Maharashra
  • The evolution of earth crust provide 4 stages divided into Pleistocene which is most recent,man appeared in this stage and Holocene that is present
  • The early man in India used tools of stones roughly decreased by crude clipping therefore it is known as the stone Age

The Stone Age is three kinds which are

  1. The Old stone or Palaeolithic Age
  2. The Middle Stone or Mesolithic Age
  3. The New Stone or Neolithic Age

The Palaeolithic Age(500000-9000BC)

Others name:Ice Age

  • Homo Sapiens first appeares and also called Quartzite men
  • No knowledge in agriculture,fire and pottery
  • They used tools of unpolished,rough stones and lived in cave rock shelters
  • Soan valley appeared in Punjab
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The Mesolithic Age(9000-4000BC)

  • Peoples of this age painting Bhimbetka in Madhya Pradesh
  • Tools of this age are microliths,pointed cresconic blades,scrapers etc madeup of stones.
  • Adamgarh in Madhya Pradesh and Bagor in Rajisthan evidence of domestication of animals.

The Neolithic Age(4000-1000BC)

  • The people of this age used tools and implements of polished stone particularly stone axes
  • Burzahom dogs were buried
  • They produced ragi and horse grame(kulathi).
  • Cultivation of rice are noted in Allahabad
  • Domesticated cattle,sheeps ans goats
  • Wove cotton ans wool to make cloths
  • Hand made pottery ans use of pottery wheels first appeared
  • Mehargarh is the oldest site in india

Chalcolithic culture(200-700BC)

  • Indus velley Civilisation was founded
  • Copper was the first metal to used by men

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