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Down to Earth

Down to Earth is a very good magazine about environmental issues and awareness. So is World Focus for International panorama (GS 2) and EPW for social spectrum and agriculture portion(GS 1 and GS 3).

Down To Earth is a Premier Magazine in terms of Current Issues . It will help you More in UPSC Mains especially in GS Papers and in Interviews . From Prelims perspective it will provide you with Data and Figures about Hot Topics or Trending .You should read those portions which have a direct relevance to the UPSC pre and Mains syllabus. With time and preparation , you would know what to read.

This magazine for UPSC is quite simple.Read the title and headlines and then sub-headings of the article,Figure out the issue & Skim over the article.Don’t use it at all. If you are using The Hindu and Yojana along with your conventional in-root studies.

Download Down to Earth Magazine for UPSC Exam :

As we discussed above analytical and intellectual thinking is more important when it comes to the preparation of UPSC Civil Service Exam. NewsPapers and Down to Earth Magazines will help to develop this.

Important Note:All PDF which are provided here are for Education purposes does not own these materials, neither created nor scanned. I just providing the links already available on internet. if any way it violates the law or has any issues then kindly contact me.

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So, Below is the link to Download it

Down to Earth – 16-31 Mar 2019 Download

Down to Earth – 01-15 Mar 2019 Download

Down to Earth – 16-28 Feb 2019 Download

Down to Earth – 01-15 Feb 2019 Download

Down to Earth – 16-31 Jan 2019 Download

Down to Earth – 01-15 Jan 2019 Download

December 1-15 Download Now

November 1-15 Download Now

About Down to Earth

Down to Earth is Asia’s premier fortnightly on politics of environment and development assisted by the Centre for Science and Environment and published from New Delhi, India. It was started in 1992 by environmentalist the late Anil Agarwal, with a commitment to make people aware of the challenges of environment and development and to create informed change agents. Sunita Narain a leading Indian environmentalist and director general of the Centre for Science and Environment is editor of this fortnightly magazine.

The intent of the magazine is to present timely news, research, analyses and provide insight into grassroots-based environmental struggles that were only being sporadically covered in books and research-based publications. A key intent is to bridge the communication gap between science and policy, and between decision makers and practitioners across the wide environment-development spectrum.

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