Yojna Magazine in Hindi

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Yojana Magazine in Hindi pdf download

Yojana Magazine in Hindi

Why Yojna

One thing every serious player in UPSC agrees is that Yojana Magazine is the most useful magazine of all , and it has been proved again and endorsed more vociferously than others by Roman Saini 18th ranker this year.Yojana Magazine is freely available here for download and is highly useful.

Important part of  preparation from Yojana Magazine in Hindi

*It will give you the government perspective. Answer has to be holistic and newspaper generally give you the critique of any policy, the vision, improvements of the policy will come from Yojana.

*The language of the magazine is very important. In my first attempt I used to read it because of the language. You can very well develop your vocabulary by reading the articles.

*Direct questions are asked from Yojana. It is the most important source of government information and thus the chances of questions being asked increases.

*It helps you to cover important part of the syllabus for which no book or any material is available. Like women, education, health etc.You take one issue of Yojana, your one topic will be completed

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