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1.A 180 meter long train crosses a man standing on the platform in 6 second. What is the speed of the train? [BSRB Calcutta-95]

A. 90 km/hour B. 108 Km / hour C. 120 km / hour D. 88 km / hour.

2. A train takes 18 seconds to pass through a station,162 m. long and 15 second to pass through another station 120 m. long. The length of the train( in meter) is [SSC-96]

A. 70 B. 80 C.90 D.100

3. A train passes a pole in 15 seconds and passes a platform 100m long in 25 second. The length of the train( in meter) is

A.100 B.150 C.200 D.250

4. A train passes by a stationary man standing on the platform in 14 seconds and passes by the 220 m. platform completely in 42 second. What is the length of the train( in meter)-

A.100 B.110 C.200 D.210

5. If a boy walks from his house to school at 4 km per hour, he reaches the school 10 minutes earlier than the school time. However, if he walks at 3 kilometre per hour, he reaches 10 minutes late. The distance of the school from his house is- [ SSC-10]

A. 6 Km. B.4.5 Km. C.4 Km. D.3 Km.

6.A train travelling at a speed of 45 km per hour leaves New Delhi station at 9:00 a.m. Another train travelling 60 km per hour starts at 12 p.m. from New Delhi station in the same direction.The distance from New Delhi at which the two trains meet is- [SSC-11]

A.60 Km. B.360 Km. C.450 Km. D.540 Km.

7.A leaves Meerut at 5 a.m. and reaches Delhi at 9 a.m. Another train leaves Delhi at 7 a.m. and richest merit at 10.30 a.m. At what time do they cross each other?

A.6.56 a.m. B.7.56 a.m. C.8.56 a.m. D.9.56 a.m.

8. Two trains start at the same time from A and B towards each other at 16 km per hour and 21 km per hour respectively. When they meet, one train travel 60 km. more than the other. find the distance

A.444 km. B.445 km. C.450 km. D.451 km.

9. Two trains cover the same distance at the rate of 10 km and 20 km per hour respectively. Find the distance travelled and one takes 12 minutes longer than the other. Find the distance-

A.3 km. B.4 km. C.5 km. D.6 km.

10.A thief seeing a policeman at a distance of 150m. Starts at 10 km/hr. and the policeman gives immediate chest at 12 km per hour. When the thief is overtaken running the police has travelled a distance of-


A.750m. B.800m. C.1 km. D.900m.

11. Two cyclists start from the same place in opposite direction and goes towards north at 18 km per hour and other goes towards south at 20 km per hour. what time will they do to a part 47.5 km.?

A.2 h. B.1(1/4) h. C.3 h. D.2(1/4) h.

12.A man covers equal distance at the speed of 4 km per hour, 3 km per hour and 2 km per hour. His average speed per hour in km is-

A.13/24 B.30/13 C.36/13 D.24/13

13.A motorist can complete a journey in 6 hours travelling at a speed of 24 km per hour. If he is delayed by 3 hours at the start of the journey, then he makes for the last time, he could drive at a speed of (in km per hour)-

A.36 km/h. B.48 km/h. C.52 km/h. D.45 km/h.

14. The speed of a bus is 54 km per hour excluding stoppages, and 45 km per hour including stoppages. For how many minutes does the bus stop per hour?

A.8 B.9 C.10 D.12

15.A train covers a distance in 50 minutes, if it runs at a speed of 36 km per hour on an average. The speed at which is the train must run into reduce the time of journey to 30 minutes will be-

A.40 km/h. B.50 km/h. C.60 km/h. D.70 km/h.

16. A train overtakes two persons who are walking in the same direction in which the train is going on at the rate of 4 km per hour and 6 km per hour respectively. In 9 second and 10 seconds length of the train is-

A.50 m. B.70 m. C.120 m. D.180 m.

17. Walking of his usual speed a person is 30 minutes late to his office. Find his usual time to cover the distance-

A. 30 minutes B. 35 minutes C. 50 minutes D. 90 minutes


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