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The Olympic games are organised after every 4 year and the head office of International Olympic Committee IOC is at lausanne Switzerland

The Olympic games were held for the first time by the greeks in 776 BC

The game were revived in 1894 by the efforts of a French Baron Pierre De Coubertin and the first modern olympic games were started in Athens the capital of Greece on 6th April 1896. It is now called as Summer Olympic. Tokyo 2020, Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028 will host the summer Olympic.separate winter Olympic Games begin in 1924.

The first winter Olympic games were held in 1924 at chamonics,France. It is scheduled to be held in 2018 at Pyongyang, 2022 at Beijing and 2026 at Switzerland.

Women have been in the Olympics in 1912

Commonwealth Games

The first Commonwealth games were held in 1930 in Hamilton,Canada

The 2018,Commonwealth Games will be held in Australia

Asian Games

The first Asian games were held in 1951 in New Delhi,India

The 2018,Asian Games will be held in Jakarta,Indonesia


The headquarter of International Cricket Council ICC Dubai,United Arab Emirates

The first Cricket World Cup was organised in England in 1975.

A separate women’s cricket world cup has been held every four years since 1973


In 1877 the first Cricket test match was played in Melbourne between England and Australia

The first one day international cricket match was played in the year 1971 between England and Australia in Melbourne

The Board of Control for cricket in India BCCI was formed in 1927

Football World Cup or Jules rimet cup

The headquarter of Federation of International Football Association FIFA is located in Zurich,Switzerland

The first football world cup was organised in Uruguay in 1930. In 1942 and 1946 football world cup who was not played because of the Second World War.

FIFA appoints Russia as host for 2018 World Cup, Qatar for 2022 World Cup and Kuala Lumpur for 2026 World Cup.

Hockey World Cup

The headquarter of International hockey Federation FIH is located in lausanne,Switzerland

The first Hockey World Cup was organised in Barcelona Spain in 1971 and winner was Pakistan.

Women’s Hockey World cup has been held since 1974

The 2018 Hockey World Cup will host in Copenhagen and 2022 Finland

Grand Slam Tournament

Australia Open

French Open


US Open


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