Interim Government

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Interim Government of India formed on 2nd September 1946, from the newly elected constituent assembly of India, had the task of assisting the transfer of power from British rule to independent India.

Interim Cabinet

Jawaharlal Nehru                             External Affairs and Common Wealth Relations

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel                Home, Information and Broadcasting

Dr Rajendra Prasad                          Food and Agriculture

Dr John Mathai                                 Industries and Supplies

Jagjivan Ram                                     Labour

Sardar Baldev Singh                         Defence

Ch Bhabha                                          Works, Mines and Power

liaqat Ali Khan                                  Finance

Abdur Rab Nistar                             Posts and Air

Ashaf Ali                                             Railway and Transport

C Gopalachari                                    Education and Arts

Chundrigar                                        Commerce

Ghazanfar Ali Khan                          Health

Joginder Nath Mandal                   Law

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