Making the Constitution of India

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* The constitution assembly was formed in 1946, under the scheme formulated by cabinet mission plan.
*Initially the total strength of the Assembly was 389 out of these 296 were elected to represent the British India and 93 seats to the princely states.
* The constituent assembly, held its first meeting on 9th December 1946 and resembled on 14th August 1947.
*Objective Resolution was moved in the first session of the constituent assembly on 13th December 1946 by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru
* The idea of Federation of states was given by Motilal Nehru
* The first temporary president of the constituent assembly was Dr Satyanarayan Sinha and the first permanent president of the constituent assembly was Dr Rajendra Prasad, elected on 9 December 1946.
* The constituent assembly appointed a drafting committee on 29th August 1947. Dr BR Ambedkar, who was the chairman of the drafting committee, submitted first draft of constitution of India to the president of the assembly on 21st February 1948 and second draft in October 1948.
* Sir BN Rao was appointed as the constitutional advisor of the assembly.
* The seats in each province was distributed in Muslim Sikhs and general in proportion to their respective population. members of each community in the constituent assembly were elected by the members of that community in the provincial assemblies by voting by the method of proportional representation with Single Transferable Vote.
* On 26 November 1949 constitution was adopted or declare as passed or enact, containing a Preamble and 395 articles, 18 parts and 8 schedules. the constitution has undergone 101 amendments in the 69 years since its enactment. the constitution, in its current form consist a preamble, 25 parts, 465 articles and 12 schedules.
*The constitution came into force or put practice on 26 January 1950, what is specially chosen as the date of commencement of the Constitution because on this day in 1930 the Purna Swaraj day was celebrated.
* It took 2 years 11 months and 18 days to finalize the constitution
Source of the Constitution


The Government of India Act 1935: formed the basis or blueprint of the Constitution of India with the features of federal system, office of governor etc.
British Constitution: First past post system, Parliamentary form of Government(1950), the idea of the rule of law, law making procedure, office of the Comptroller and Auditor General, single citizenship
United State Constitution: charter of fundamental rights, power of Judicial review an independent judiciary, written constitution, preamble
Irish Constitution: directive principle of State Policy( Ireland borrowed from Spain), method of election of the president, nomination of members in Rajya Sabha by the president.
Canadian Constitution: a Quasi federal form of government, the idea of residual power, appointment of State Governor by centres and advisory jurisdiction of the supreme court.
USSR( Russia): fundamental duties, five year planning.
Australian constitution: concurrent list, provision regarding trade, commercial and intercourse, languages of the Preamble.
Constitution of Germany: suspension of fundamental rights during the emergency.
South African Constitution: procedure of constitutional amendment
Constitution of France: Republican of library, equality and fraternity.
Japanese Constitution: procedure established by law


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