Important SSC Bank Railway Abbreviations

Important SSC Bank Railway Abbreviations


ABM- anti ballistic missile
AD-Anno Domini( after the birth of Jesus)
ADF- Asian Development Bank
AERE- atomic energy research establishment
AFSPA- Armed force special power act
AGOC- Asian Games organising committee
AIDS- acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
ALH- advanced light helicopter
APPLE- ariane passenger payload experiment
ASAT- anti-satellite weapon
ASEAN- association of Southeast Asian Nation
ASCI- advanced strategic computing initiative
ASLV- augmented satellite launch vehicle
ATM- automated teller machine
ASI- Archaeological Survey of India
AVES- acute viral encephalitic syndrome
AWACS- airborne warning and control system
BC SBI- banking codes and Standards Board of India
BARC- Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
BBC- British broadcasting Corporation
BC- before Christ
BCG- bacillus calmette-guerin( anti tuberculosis vaccine)
BCTT- banking cash transaction tax
BCCI- board for control of cricket in India
BHEL- Bharat Heavy Electrical Limited
BIMSTEC- Bay of Bengal initiative for multi-sectoral technical and economic cooperation
BIS- Bureau of Indian standard
BIT- binary digit
BMDS- ballistic missile defence system
BRO- border Road organisation
BRT-Bus rapid transit
CAA- Civil Aviation authority
CABE- Central advisory Board of Education
CAG- Comptroller and Auditor General
CAIR- Centre for Artificial Intelligence and robotics
CAPES- Computer aided paperless examination system
CAZRI- Central arid Zone Research Institute
CBI- Central Bureau of Investigation
CDAC- Centre for development of Advanced computing
CECA- comprehensive economic cooperation agreement
CFC- chlorofluorocarbon
CHOGM- Commonwealth heads of Government meeting
CID- criminal investigation department
CISF- Central industrial security force
CITES- convention on international trade in endangered species
CNG- compressed natural gas
CPCB- Central pollution control board
CPRI- Central Power Research Institute
CSIR- Council of scientific and Industrial Research
CTBT- comprehensive test Ban treaty
DAVP- Directorate of advertising and visual publicity
DIG- Deputy Inspector general
DNA- deoxyribonucleic acid
DPSA- Deep penetration strike aircraft
DRDO- defence research and development organisation
EECG- electrocardiogram
ECT- electro conclusive therapy
EEG- electro encephalography
EET- exempt exempt taxation
ELISA- enzyme linked immunosorbent assay( for testing AIDS)
ESCAP- economic and social Commission for Asia and the Pacific
EVM- electronic voting machine
FDI- foreign direct investment
FII- foreign Institute investor
FBI- Federal Bureau of Investigation
FERA- foreign exchange regulation act
FICCI- Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and industry
FIMMDA- fixed income money market and derivative associated
FLAG- fibre optic link around the globe
GAIL- gas Authority of India Limited
GAIN- Global Alliance for improved nutrition
GATS- general agreement on tariffs and trade
GEF- global environment fund
GIS- geographical information system
GMPS- global mobile personal communication system
GMT- Greenwich Mean Time
GNSS- Global Navigation satellite system
GPS- Global positioning system
GSLV- geosynchronous satellite launch vehicle
HAC- Hindustan aluminium Corporation
HAL- Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
HYVS- high yield variety seeds
IAAI- International Airport Authority of India
IAEA- International atomic energy agency
IBRD- bank for reconstruction and development
ICAO- International Civil Aviation organisation
ICAR -Indian Council of Agricultural Research
ICMR- Indian Council of Medical Research
ICRC- International committee of the Red Cross
ICSI- Indian company secretary Institute
IDA- International Development Agency
IDPL- Indian drug and Pharmaceutical Limited
IMO- International Maritime organisation
INSAS- Indian small arms system
INSAT- Indian national satellite
IPC- Indian Penal Code
IPCC- intergovernmental panel on climate change
IRBM- intermediate range ballistic missile
IRS- Indian Remote Sensing satellite
ISCS- integrated smart card system
ISRO- Indian Space Research Organisation
JNNURM- Jawaharlal Nehru National urban renewal mission
LCA- light combat aircraft
LGBT- lesbian gay bisexual transgender
LOC- Line of Control
LOAC- line of actual control
LTA- light transport aircraft
MAT- minimum alternative tax
METSAT- metrological satellite
MMS- multimedia message service
MRI- Magnetic resonance imaging
MRTS- mass rapid transit system
MTCR- missile technology control regime
NACO- national AIDS control organisation
NADA- anti doping agency
NAFTA- North American free trade agreement
NASA- National Aeronautics and space administration
NASSCOM- National Association of software and services company
NATA- natural aptitude test for architecture
NATO- North Atlantic Treaty Organisation
NCEP- National committee on environmental planning
NeGP- National e-Governance plan
NEP- national education policy
NEPA- National Environment protection authority
NMA- monuments authority
NRI- non resident Indian
NTPC- National Thermal Power Corporation
OCI- Overseas citizen of India
OAS- organisation of American States
OAU- organisation of African Unity
ODS- ozone depletion substances
OIC- organisation of Islamic countries
OPCW- organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons
OSCE- organisation for security and cooperation in Europe
OTEC- Ocean Thermal Energy conversion
PURA- provision of urban amenities in rural area
PATA- Pacific Asian Travel Association
PDA- personal digital assistant
PIB- Press Information Bureau
PN- participatory note
POTA- prevention of terrorism act
PSLV- polar satellite launch vehicle
PWD- Public Works Department
QIB- qualified institutional buyer
QIP- qualified institutional placement
RAF- rapid action force
RBI- Reserve Bank of India
RCC- reinforced cement concrete
RDSS- radio determination satellite service
RLV- reusable launch vehicle
RMSA- Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha abhijan
RTGS- real time gross settlement system
SAFTA- South Asian free trade area
SAIL- Steel Authority of India Limited
SAPTA-SAARC preferential trading agreement
SATNAV- satellite navigation
SAVE- SAARC audio visual exchange
SCO- Shanghai cooperation organisation
SDR- special drawing rights
SEBI- securities and exchange Board of India
SERB- science and engineering research board
SIDBI- small industries development Bank of India
SIT- special investigation team
SITA- suppression of Immoral traffic in women girls act
SPCA- Society for the prevention of cruelty of animals
SPIN- software process improvement network
STARS- satellite tracking and ranging station
STARTS- strategic arms reduction Treaty station
SWIFT- Society for worldwide interbank financial telecommunication
TADA- terrorist and disruptive activities
TAPS- Tarapur automic power station
TIN- tax identification number
TNT- trinitrotoluene
TRAI- telecom regulatory Authority of India
TRIPS- trade related aspects of intellectual property rights
UAV- unmanned aerial vehicle
UNCTAD- United Nation Conference on Trade and Development
UNEP- United Nation environmental program
UNICEF- United Nation International children’s emergency fund
UNESCO-United Nation environmental social and cultural organisation
VAT- value added tax
VLSI- very large scale integration
VOIP- voice over internet protocol
VSAT- very small aperture terminal
WADA- world anti doping agency
WAVE- wireless Access for virtual Enterprise
WFP- world food programme
WFTU- world Federation of trade unions
WLL- wireless in local loop
YMCA- young men’s Christian Association
YWCA- Young women Christian Association
ZSI- zoological Survey of India
ZUPO- Zimbabwe United peoples organisation SPC Nusrat spca

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