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First in world

First in world

First in the World: A Complete List

First in world here i am giving a complete list of ‘First in the World’ which is composed of all those human explorations and adventures, expeditions which were made first time in the history of mankind.

First secretary general of United Nations-Trygve Lie(Norway)

first woman president of UN General Assembly- Vijayalakshmi Pandit(1953)

First president of United State of America- George Washington

first president of Republic of China- Sun yat Sen

first prime minister of Great Britain- Robert walpole

first Governor General of Pakistan- Muhammad Ali Jinnah

first woman president of a country- Maria Estela Peron( Argentina)

first woman Prime Minister of a country- S Bandaranaike( Sri Lanka)

first woman Prime Minister of any Muslim country- Benazir Bhutto( Pakistan)

first ethnic Indian prime minister of India- Mahendra Choudhary

first American President to visit India -D.D Eisenhower

first Russian Prime Minister to visit India-Nikolai Bulganin

first European inventor of Indian soil- Alexander,the Great

European to visit China- Marco Polo

first man to go into space- Yuri Gagarin(USSR)

first man to walk in space- Alexei Leonov(Russia)

first woman cosmonaut in space- Valentina Tereshkova(USSR)

first woman space tourist-A. Ansari( Irani American)

first space tourist- Dennis Tito(USA)

first man to set foot on the Moon- Neil Armstrong(USA)

first man to fly an aeroplane- Wright Brothers

first man to reach north pole- Robert Peary

first woman to reach the north pole-Fran Phipps

first man to reach South Pole- Roald amundsen

first man to climb Mount Everest-S.T. Norgay E. Hillary(1953)

first man to climb Mount Everest twice-N.Gombu

first woman to climb Mount Everest- Junko tabei( Japan)

first blind man to scale Mount Everest-E. Weihenmayer


first woman to reach Antarctica- Caroline Mikkelson

first deaf and dumb to cross the strait of Gibraltar- Taranath Shenoy

first woman in the world to cross the strait of Gibraltar- Aarti Pradhan

first man to draw the map of Earth-Anexemander

first Asian to head the International Cricket Council- Jagmohan Dalmiya

first man to hit one day international match- Sachin Tendulkar

first country to make a constitution- United States of America

first country to appoint Lokpal- Sweden

first country to implement family planning- India(1952)

first country to issue plastic currency- Australia

first country to issue paper currency- China

first country to print books- China

first country to start civil service competition- China

first country to ban capital punishment- New Zealand

first country to impose carbon tax- New Zealand

first university of the world- Taxila University

first cloned human baby-Eve

first country to host the modern Olympic games- Greece

first radio telescope satellite launched into space- Japan

first country to launch satellite into space- Russia

first spaceship landed on Mars- Viking I

first country to sign nuclear agreement with India- France

first country to make education compulsory- Prussia

first country to give constitutional status to animal rights- Switzerland


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